Chris Neyor Writes Prez Obama

first_imgThe president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Morweh Energy Group, Incorporated, Dr. Christopher Z. Neyor, has on behalf of the entity’s partners and friends, written a letter of commendation to President Barrack Obama of the United States of America, for committing his government to the ongoing fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia.“I would like to thank President Barack Obama, the government and people of the United States of America for their great humanity in coming to the rescue of West Africa,  especially Liberia, to contain the deadly Ebola epidemic that is ravaging our land and people,” Mr. Neyor said in his letter dated September 17, addressed to President Obama at the White House.Over the course of the week, President Obama has come up with a massive response of 3000 troops, US$500 million, and the further appointment of an Ebola Czar. Neyor said that was indeed the kind of robust intervention required to contain this killer virus.Mr. Neyor, a onetime president of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and now a senatorial candidate for Montserrado County, is also the CEO of the Morweh Energy Group based in Monrovia.Speaking on behalf of his company, he said he believed that no other nation on earth has the military or civilian resources and capability as the United States to undertake the level of intervention President Obama has committed the US to do for Liberia.  In his dispatch, Mr. Neyor said deployment of the US military intervention through the US Army Corp of Engineers was commendable, “because we advocated for this in 2006 for restoration of power in post conflict Liberia.”“We are delighted that it is working this time with a more profound intervention of saving lives.”“By this outstanding humanitarian gesture,” he said, “the United States has again shown the world the great compassion of the American people. Real global power is not bullying weaker countries, but utilizing your power to go to distant lands to save the oppressed and the dying where there are no ulterior motives.”According to Mr. Neyor, by naming Liberia as the control center of the American response, President Obama has taken into account and elevated to a new level the nearly two centuries of US-Liberia relations, starting in 1816 with formation of the American Colonization Society (ACS).Liberians, both at home and abroad, especially those in the United States, are appreciative and remain grateful to the United States for rescuing our homeland once again, this time from the deadly Ebola menace. At the same time, Dr. Neyor has expressed thanks and gratitude to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for putting the request to President Obama. Neyor called on the government to not to leave everything to the Americans, but to improve on those things we can ourselves do to save the lives of our dying people.“With this massive assistance, we can now be reassured that Ebola will be kicked out of Liberia and West Africa. Let us all continue and intensify our individual and collective awareness and preventive initiatives.“Let all our citizens continue to take all the prescribed measures to remain Ebola free,” the Neyor’s letter concluded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Marketing Head Complains of Members Being Affected by Ebola

first_imgThe General Manager of the Liberia Marketing Association, Mr. Emmanuel T. Tumbey, has said his members are severely affected by the crisis, especially those selling bush-meat, which has been banned due to the risk of contagion.   Commodity exports, such as iron ore, palm oil and rubber form the backbone of Liberia’s economic growth. It is striking, though perhaps not surprising, that workers in these particular sectors of the economy are also among those hardest hit by poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition.He said, the Ebola crisis in West Africa differs from other emergency situations in almost every way. This is not a crisis where needs can quickly be identified, supplied and distributed; and measures implemented to put people, communities and the economy back on track.“The situation is getting more serious every day. While the numbers of Ebola cases are doubling every three weeks, the virus also keeps taking an increasing economic toll, affecting the poorest half of the Liberian population who live in conditions of extreme poverty.”According to a recent report produced by Liberia’s Ministry of Agriculture, about 75 per cent of mine-workers, more than 70 per cent of those working in the palm oil industry and about 63 per cent of those working on rubber plantations suffer severe to moderate food insecurity. The economic slow-down currently caused by the Ebola-epidemic has exacerbated the situation further.“People survive by eating what they grow in their own gardens, and by selling vegetables from their back yards,” said Deroe Weeks, Director of Food Security and Nutrition at the Ministry of Agriculture. “For the bush-meat hunters, there are not many alternative livelihoods. Food insecurity will increase,” she said.Liberian businessman Amin Modad, who is leading an economic recovery strategy initiative, said two of the main obstacles for Liberian businesses are the lack of skilled entrepreneurs and lack of access to credit. But the situation now is acute. “I have loans to pay. If it continues like this, I will not make it.”UNDP is now reprogramming its resources in Liberia to meet a range of Ebola-related challenges. So far, UNDP’s support helped strengthen coordination of assistance at the country level, promoted social mobilization, and  organized Ebola sensitization and preventive awareness campaigns in all 15 counties in Liberia.“Massive social mobilization, awareness creation and active engagement of the society are  necessary if we are to stand a chance to contain Ebola,” said UNDP Country Director for Liberia, Kamil Kamaluddeen. “The risk of social unrest and violence are likely to escalate as the situation continues to deteriorate.”UNDP has also provided expertise to enhance information management capacities and supplied vehicles to improve the national response capacity of the Command Centre for coordination, surveillance and case management.A team of UNDP experts is helping to improve crisis response capacity at the national and local levels, and design measures to revitalize the economy, including a wide-ranging social protection plan, including cash transfers to the poorest part of the population.Another specific area where UNDP will provide support is reducing the spread of infection in prisons by training selected corrections officers to prevent outbreaks, and uphold the human rights of inmates, strengthening prison health facilities, and improving the diet of inmates.UNDP has been designing response and recovery efforts.  Its staff is ensuring that the health response is integrated and coordinated.  It is also working to ensure that the response is inclusive by helping meet some of the pressing needs of the most-affected communities.This focus is essential so that the services that support livelihoods and hold communities together can be quickly restored. By helping communities, Liberia can more effectively begin to move beyond the epidemic by accelerating the recovery effort and returning the economy and society to a path of longe-term development.With the dramatic toll the Ebola crisis is taking on individuals, communities and the economy, the income structure in Liberia could be severely affected. As families lose their breadwinners, livelihoods disappear and prices of commodities, health services and other emergency expenses increase, the social fabric of the country could change.“In this scenario, social protection mechanisms will contribute to improving stability and security, and make the Liberian society as a whole more robust and resilient,” said Kamaluddeen.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Kofi Woods’ Constructive Recipes for the AFL

first_imgHuman Rights activist and former Public Works Minister, Attorney Kofi Woods yesterday challenged the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to be more civilian-friendly and eschew (avoid, shun) its tragic legacy when it played the role of “terrorist to democracy.”Fresh in the mind of this year’s Armed Forces Day Speaker were two particular incidents of terror.  The first was the AFL’s invasion of the University of Liberia on August 22, 1984 when, led by Samuel Doe’s Defense Minister Gray D. Allison, the heavily armed AFL soldiers stormed the UL’s main campus and stripped naked, brutalized, raped and killed many professors, students and staff and ransacked the campus.  The Daily Observer, too, remembers vividly the horrors of that day, which we covered in detail.  Our editorial the following morning cried, “Bleed, Bleed, Poor Country—Great Tyranny”—a line borrowed from William Shakespeare.Kofi Woods’ second fresh recollection of AFL brutality was the shooting and subsequent bleeding to death last August of the West Point youth, Shaki Kamara.It was heartwarming to hear Defense Minister Brownie Samukai himself, in his remarks yesterday, apologetically recall that tragic incident, for which he showed contrition (remorse).  The logical and most welcomed denouement (conclusion) to this unfortunate episode is for the government to release the results of the investigation that followed and tell the public what punishment has been meted out to those involved in Shaki’s untimely death and other victims.      A more distant reminiscence (recall) of Attorney Woods was the cruel participation of the AFL’s predecessor, the Liberia Frontier Force (LFF), in hut tax collection in the Liberian interior.But this is all in the past.  Mr. Woods, who told his audience that he had long been a severe critic of the AFL, including even denying the necessity for its very existence, was now full of praises for the men and women in arms.  He commended their role in road building, carried out by the AFL’s Engineering Battalion, in the erection of Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in various parts of the country, and their successful role in peace keeping in Mali.Recalling, however, the Biblical dictum that “Charity begins at home,” Mr. Woods then challenged the AFL to turn its attention to winning “the hearts of its citizens at home.”He urged the AFL to start within its own community—PHP [and nearby Buzzi Quarters] and do something to help the people in those slum communities.  He also called for the revival of the AFL’s Agricultural Battalion. This could help train Liberian farmers and AFL itself could grow food, in order to enhance Liberia’s food security.He further dared the AFL to return to West Point, not with guns this time, but with shovels and diggers, copybooks and pencils, to engage in agriculture, clean-up campaigns and house repair as well as adult literacy.He called these endeavors “the civilianization” of the AFL.For sure, if the AFL could return to West Point in the way Attorney Woods has suggested,      it would be a tremendous attempt at reconciliation.  But beyond that, should the AFL be able to reenergize its Agricultural and Engineering Battalions, they could make their impact felt throughout the country, by helping to improve and expand agricultural activities and to build more farm-to-market roads around the country.There is a big BUT to all this—and Defense Minister Samukai took pains to emphasize this in his own Armed Forces Day Address yesterday: funding.  The Ministry was seriously cash-strapped, limiting it from doing the urgent items on its  agenda. The Defense Ministry was not oblivious to the need for better pay, housing conditions and other emoluments for the men and women in arms—something Keynote Speaker Woods also called for, toward making our military truly professional people.  The more professional they become, the better service they would be able to render the country following their retirement, Mr.  Woods averred.But, as Minister Samukai cautioned, none of this would be possible without more  money.We urge the GOL to heed this plea and empower the Ministry and our men and women in arms not so much with military hardware as with money, to professionalize them and turn them into a truly CIVILIAN-friendly force for good.  Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Three Cuban Trained Medical Specialists Return Home

first_imgThree Cuban-trained Liberian medical specialists have returned to Liberia after successfully completing their studies in various medical fields including Clinical Engineering, Clinical Bio-analysis, and Radiology & X-Ray respectively. The three young medical professionals left the country in 2008 under a Cuba-Liberia Bilateral Scholarship Program to pursue advanced medical studies in that part of the world.According to a Foreign Ministry release, the three have acquired B.Sc Degrees from top Cuban medical institutions of learning. They include   Mr. William Wesseh, B.Sc  in Clinical Engineering,  Mr. Michael Mator,  B. Sc in Clinical  Bio-analysis,  and  Varnjah  Quincy  Quiah,  BSc  in  Radiology & X-Ray respectively.The release indicated that the three specialists are trained and back in Liberia with the requisite skills and knowledge to join other Liberian professional health experts who are impacting the country’s health sector, which is facing serious post Ebola technical and human resource challenges. Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, the spokesman and head of the Liberian Foreign Students studying in Cuba, Mr. William Wesseh lauded the Cuban Government for the opportunity and the hospitality accorded them while undergoing their studies in Cuba.Mr. Wesseh said despite the major challenges faced while undergoing studies in Cuba, they were three out of 12 candidates from Liberia who successfully completed the studies while one female Liberian candidate is left behind with one semester to complete her studies.Wesseh paid special tribute to Foreign Minister Augustine K. Ngafuan and the Assistant Minister for American Affairs, Hon. Sie-Teba Neufville whom he emphasized, had been very supportive and instrumental in ensuring their return home.The release added that the field of Clinical Engineering basically deals with the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment or generally the regulation of medical equipment.Clinical Bio-analysis is concerned with laboratory diagnosis of different types of diseases within the human body; while Radiology and X-Ray (medical Radiography and medical radio-physics) deals with the use of ionizing radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using CT-scan, MRI, ultra-sound, Mammogram and Radio-therapy.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Poems by Students from Ricks Institute

first_img1) ON THE NIGHT OF SOUND AND TONESBy Patrick DahnOn the night of sound and tonesMy heart beat like a drumWhen I heard the cry of EBOLALife was at the end of my mindThe city was hot like fireAnd the homes were hot like bowl of waterI was thinking all dayBecause my mother was at riskAnd also my family was at a dead lineTears were like rainPains were almost unbearableWe fasted and prayed all nightMy mother was quarantined like a slaveOh! Oh! LordWhat a terrible pain we boreAs days passed and passedLife also passedBut because God healed our soulsOur lives were planted again2) WHY LIBERIA, WHY AFRICABy Jallah BarbuIf only we knew you were comingTo traumatize our livesIf only we saw the signsWe would have been preparedBut without a sign you cameOh! Ebola Why??You took away our prideBelittled us like ragsMade our lives a stigmaBut God was on our side.People tried to be cautious.Humans died lending a hand.Liberians suffered and died.Africans had a terrible nightmareNobody wanted an African Ebola Friend.Why Liberia, Why Africa?Liberia, Africa our motherlandOh! Sweet land with a terrible historyBut to God be the Glory Great things He has done.3) THE TIME HAS COMEBy Precious S. GbollieDanger has caught up with the daily activities of life.Fear is our source of livelihood.Grief is our utterance.Running away from the bullets of natural weapons.Tears in the eyes of every mammalMy good Liberia, oh whyWhy have you left your children in the hands of unseen enemies?We have cried, till we are thirsty for freedomFreedom! from invisible destroyers.Why? Why?Divisions among citizensAaah ah aah ya!!A cry from an innocent soul.Motherless, fatherlessPreparation for the future is abolished.Life has become unbearable.But now, is the time for peace to reign.Sheep cry for the shepherdNo room for happinessAnimals were rejected.Our future generations are delayed.Wake up! Wake up!!Children of this landPut away your sadness, bitterness, grief, and pains.The time has come.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

A Time for Seriousness as Ebola Returns

first_imgThe government of Liberia, through its Health Ministry (MOH) and Incident Management System (IMS), has been proactive and forthright ever since Saturday, May 9, when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Liberia free of Ebola transmissions. The MOH and IMS have constantly reminded and pleaded with the people of Liberia to continue observing all the preventive measures put into place to keep Ebola at bay. Many people have heeded the advice but some have not. There are too many people who have insisted on still shaking hands, touching and failing to observe the other mechanisms, even simple hand washing.It is only by God’s grace that we have so far been unaffected by the continuing outbreak of the virus in the two neighboring countries. Given the porous borders between our three countries, it is only by His grace that there has been no spilling over into Liberia, despite the fact that we have kept our side of the borders open. We think this is a good thing Liberia has done—keeping our borders open. Tomorrow our neighbors and the world will remember that we did not turn our backs on Guinea and Sierra Leone when we became Ebola transmission-free. We are sure they are already grateful for that.Now we must do two things more to help our brothers and sisters in Guinea and Sierra Leone. First, we must keep our promise, made by the President on May 9, by responding concretely to the challenge she announced—to help Guinea and Sierra Leone to drive out the virus. This newspaper has outlined a number of measures to this effect, and we are sure the Ellen government has its own. Secondly, let us in this country keep ourselves safe from the virus. Let there be no more infection spread. By effectively containing the virus and keeping ourselves and our people absolutely safe, we would be radiating (giving out, spreading out) hope. Our neighbors will be even more encouraged to do everything they can to drive out the virus. They will say, “Liberia has done it and is doing it and so can we.”We applaud Assistant Minister Nyeswah and the Incident Management System (IMS) for three things they have done in this latest reappearance of the virus. First, they have honestly and openly admitted it, rather than covering it up. Second, they have moved in quickly to test the victim before burying the body, and thirdly, the IMS immediately reactivated the Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in the area.The IMS’ honesty in immediately admitting the resurgence is in keeping with its own advice made over many months to the Liberian people to report at once anyone suspected of sickness of any kind so that the person may be immediately tested to prevent a possible spread of the virus. WHO, we are sure, is saddened by the announcement but at the same time has great appreciation and respect for Liberia and its health authorities for their openness and honesty. Remember, honesty is the best policy. We suggest that the IMS should maintain other strategically placed ETUs to respond quickly to any other emergency or suspicion of one.Finally, we appeal to all our people, all our homes, all our businesses, all our places of worship and work, to keep the chlorinated water flowing for constant hand washing. We should also observe all of the other preventive measures, including avoiding touching, until the virus disappears again, this time for good! Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Distributors, Marketers Frustrate Liberian Artists

first_imgNearly every distributor and marketer in Liberia illegally carry on copyright infringement of music, movies and other creative works- a LIB Life investigation has discovered.The investigation came after the death of veteran Liberian actor Karma Soko, who died a very poor man because his artistic right was illegally infringed.The pirated work is cheaper as a single music can be transferred from a computer to a phone for L$10, movie L$15 and the multi 10 in 1 disc L$100.The excess of foreign movies, especially Indian season movies on the Liberian market is the result of distributors and marketers illegally downloading these movies from the internet and extending it to more than 13 seasons. Most distributors and marketers that were interviewed during consented that foreign movies can be easily pirated, followed by Liberian comedian movies and music, which do not bear copyright stamps and therefore lack protection.During the investigation we noticed that most creative people exposed their work to pirates by sending the link for free download on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, thus making it easier for copyright infringement. Veteran Liberian artist and founder of the Liberia Visual Arts Academy (LiVArts), Leslie Lumeh said artists have the right to produce their work and it’s the duty of the state to provide protection for these intellectual properties.“Regrettably the state has failed to protect the creative work of Liberian artists, who spend a lot of time getting these creation done,” he said adding, “leaving their artwork vulnerable to copyright infringement and causing a situation where the artist does not benefit from his work and often die poorly.”Mr. Lumeh explained that the only way the war against copyright infringement can be realized is when the government and its copyright office dedicate full steadfastness to the cause.“We cannot defeat these guys as long as our government sees their ugly act and still collect revenues from them as legal business entities,” he said.But the investigation gathered that most distributors and marketers, who are engaged in copyright infringement, are foreign nationals who register their businesses as electronic shops while selling pirated work.“It is very sad that our artists are not benefitting from their handwork. But let them be patient, we are working in their interest,” said Clifford Robinson, Jr., who is the officer-in-charge of the Liberian Copyright Office.Mr. Robinson said, “We are not so blind that we don’t see these pirated works that have taken over the Liberian market, causing difficulties in which the artist isn’t able to live from his work.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

UN Women, Gender Ministry Launch New SGBV Program

first_imgThe United Nations Women in partnership with the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection (MGCSP) and other United Nations entities in Liberia have launched a joint program on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Liberia.Officially launching the program yesterday at the Ministry of Gender, UN Women Executive Director Dr. Phimole Nlambo-Ngcuka disclosed that half a billion women in the world live with all forms of violence, adding that the issues of SGBV is on the increase and need immediate action to protect the lives of women and children in the country.Dr. Nlambo-Ngcuka stated that women are experiencing more violence, describing it as a pandemic which creates health crises. She was also critical of the dangerous situation for women who are killed due to violence from their partners.Sex for grades in Liberian schools is on the rampage and students are no longer focusing on getting a better education, she commented.The UN Executive called on traditional leaders to join the fight against SGBV as the new program is meant to end SGBV in the country. “Traditional practices should not be used to exploit women and girls therefore we must put aside some cultural practices to help end SGBV in Liberia,” she told them.In her remarks, the Minister of Gender, Julia Duncan Cassell, said that a law has been enacted which criminalizes rape as a non-bailable offense and to strengthen the Criminal Justice System, Criminal court “E” was established to handle SGBV cases.Madam Duncan-Cassell said her Ministry has set up a SGBV- Sex Crimes Protection Unit at the Ministry of Justice to fast track the prosecution of SGBV cases. She said the Ministry has also expanded the women and children protection sections of the Liberian National Police across the country.At the community level across the country, the Gender Ministry has increased awareness campaigns in schools, including traditional and religious institutions.Swedish Ambassador Lena Nordstrom also stated her readiness to support the new program to make sure that SGBV is eradicated in the world. She said the Government of Sweden and she as a woman will always support initiatives to end SGBV.In his statement on behalf of the Government of Liberia, Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh said Liberians should always take prevention seriously and should not wait until something happens first.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Ellen Calls for Full Int’l Support for 2017 Elections

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has expressed the need for full international support to Liberia to ensure free and fair democratic elections in the country in 2017, a dispatch from Washington has said.President Sirleaf made the call on Friday, September 23, when she received an award from the Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) of the International Republican Institute (IRI).She is among 10 women leaders from around the world the IRI honored as part of activities commemorating the 10th anniversary of the WDN. WDN started in 2006 with a goal to increase women’s political and civic leadership.Shortly after she was honored, President Sirleaf noted that Liberia’s next elections will be a defining moment for the country. She added that it will be the first time a democratically elected civilian president, representing the aspirations of a broad section of the Liberian citizenry, will turn over power to another democratically elected president.“I have no intention to manipulate the Liberian Constitution to hold on to power,” President Sirleaf said, with the assurance her government’s full adherence to the constitutional process, adding, “I look forward to a peaceful retirement following the end of my tenure.”She then applauded the IRI for the critical support the organization has provided to build and strengthen Liberia’s democratic system. The President made specific mention of IRI’s support to Liberia during the 2005 elections; the first following the country’s devastating civil war.“IRI, we need you to work with Liberia like in 2005. We need support not only in terms of money, but training and best practices,” she said, adding also that there is a need to encourage the people to vote, and vote wisely.President Sirleaf described Liberians as a resilient people who, faced with tremendous challenges in their recent history such as the civil war and the Ebola epidemic, managed to bounce back with life. “You cannot succeed if you are not prepared to fail,” she told her audience, noting, “Success is failure turned upside down.” President Sirleaf also lauded other organizations, which like the IRI, have contributed to the efforts to strengthen Liberia’s democratic system. Earlier, President Sirleaf was presented the award by IRI’s President Mark Green, who is a former US Ambassador and Congressman, and IRI Board Member, Madam Constance Berry Newman, who is also a former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa. Both Ambassador Green and Madam Newman described President Sirleaf as an inspiration to the world. In another development on September 23, President Sirleaf also served as a guest of honor when she participated in the special presentation of the Deborah Harding Women of Achievement Award at the National Peace Corps Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.Addressing conference attendees, who crowded a large hall at George Washington University, President Sirleaf underscored the significant contributions US Peace Corps have made to the progress of Liberia and its people.She described as “noteworthy” the service that the Peace Corps have rendered to Liberia, adding that Liberians are pleased to receive the recent team of medical Peace Corps, the first batch of medical Peace Corps in the country.The President then used the occasion to commend Dr. Deborah Harding, in whose honor the Deborah Harding Women Achievement Award is named, for her tireless effort towards education. Dr. Harding is the founder and President of the Liberian Education Trust, a transition initiative to help rebuild Liberia’s postwar education system. She is the founding Executive Director of the Peace Corps Institute, and she has served the Peace Corps in multiple roles over the decades as a trainer in 23 African countries, among others.President Sirleaf said that Dr. Harding, who was co-founder of the Network for Human Rights in Liberia in the 1980s, has been close to the cause of women in Liberia, including girls’ education. President Sirleaf congratulated the first recipient of the Deborah Harding Women of Achievement Award, Dr. Sara Goodkind, and admonished her to continue the effort to empower girls and women around the world.Dr. Goodkind is Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania in 1995, Dr. Goodkind received a small grant for funding a girls’ empowerment camp with the goals of building leadership skills among girls and facilitating a sense of civic participation and responsibility. Today the “GLOW” program is in Peace Corps countries throughout the world building gender equality, leadership, aspiration, self-esteem, health, and volunteerism.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

We Found the Sexiest Lingerie on the Internet

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