When meets the grassroots webmaster brand operation company

station love flow to 94, while taking into account the whole car parking lock index is not high under the premise, the station’s natural love Shanghai traffic is pretty good. In 360, Google and Sogou search engine, find parking lock and lock key, the stations are ranked in the top page.

Below is the

in the optimization of a car parking lock website, keywords competition degree is actually small, when I check a few competitors, found that in addition to a number of manufacturers, there is actually a brand operation company. When the grassroots webmaster met a team of experienced brand operation company, the author is as follows: analysis and planning. read more

To solve the problem of high bounce rate website optimization scheme

four, the content of the website

some webmaster for the sake of cheap, to some unknown small space service providers to buy. Site space often maintain a maintenance from time to time, some one morning, the site will not open, causing spider user access to the site, the site of injury is great. The brain site server space equivalent to a person, the brain stops working, then you live? So, according to the owners to buy their own actual economic capacity.

a lot of Shanghai dragon to Shanghai Longfeng to website ranking, website content to the search engines do see, not to consider the user experience, and even some in order to allow faster access to website rankings, deliberately with keywords in the content, affect the user reading. The readability of the content is low, and no relevant website key words, not the user wants to see, causing the site jump out rate is very high. So, the quality of website content and user retention time, user > read more

A few details of the website optimization effectively retain website visitors

first, users would like to is in the service of users. Any one site whether personal site or enterprise website, the website the most basic function is to service users, regardless of your news station information or product information or not, in our opinion in order to sell their products, enhance brand image, but any what we are thinking to the customer site for what? Obviously, there is a demand for your product or service just can satisfy the users of these potential search needs, end customers to choose your product, both can be very good cooperation, so we in the process of operation and maintenance of a website to hold the service to the user, the details in the home, let users see at a glance whether its flagship product, a Some is not conducive to the user experience a lot of details such as pop-up ads, the server is slow, customers have to wait a long time to open the page, these are the users and services for this purpose the author summarize, draw further apart, on site experience, home clean and tidy, priority products, news and information website access speed and high efficiency to customers very quickly open the page, this is in line with the purpose to service users, the most basic point of the first and the benign development of the website. read more

About Shanghai K station that love one after another

Hello, I am the future. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday since we have been the site of several love Shanghai "attack", the original ranking in Shanghai love the pages about actually dropped to one hundred after the. Before the love of Shanghai also appeared this kind of thing, but just a few days back to normal, so we just started not to heart. In June 28th I saw an article that Shanghai in these two days will be normal, I checked the results to the day after I found love Shanghai not only returned to normal, but increase the intensity of K station. In addition to our web site and reduce the weight, our website has also been attacked". read more

frame page framework has no effect on the site of Shanghai dragon

encountered a problem in Shanghai Longfeng company today, other companies to iframe frame of the web page form and our website in exchange for advertising, products to the requirements of the Ministry of an assessment of Shanghai Longfeng effect, my first reaction is iframe have an impact on Shanghai dragon, but the fact is not necessarily so. Receive this demand, I was a bit stupid, because has not encountered such a situation, only a vague impression of iframe, is the iframe page framework of website effect. Iframe refers to the document framework document, should be nested structure, the spider is not grab, unless you have links to this page. read more