Poems by Students from Ricks Institute

first_img1) ON THE NIGHT OF SOUND AND TONESBy Patrick DahnOn the night of sound and tonesMy heart beat like a drumWhen I heard the cry of EBOLALife was at the end of my mindThe city was hot like fireAnd the homes were hot like bowl of waterI was thinking all dayBecause my mother was at riskAnd also my family was at a dead lineTears were like rainPains were almost unbearableWe fasted and prayed all nightMy mother was quarantined like a slaveOh! Oh! LordWhat a terrible pain we boreAs days passed and passedLife also passedBut because God healed our soulsOur lives were planted again2) WHY LIBERIA, WHY AFRICABy Jallah BarbuIf only we knew you were comingTo traumatize our livesIf only we saw the signsWe would have been preparedBut without a sign you cameOh! Ebola Why??You took away our prideBelittled us like ragsMade our lives a stigmaBut God was on our side.People tried to be cautious.Humans died lending a hand.Liberians suffered and died.Africans had a terrible nightmareNobody wanted an African Ebola Friend.Why Liberia, Why Africa?Liberia, Africa our motherlandOh! Sweet land with a terrible historyBut to God be the Glory Great things He has done.3) THE TIME HAS COMEBy Precious S. GbollieDanger has caught up with the daily activities of life.Fear is our source of livelihood.Grief is our utterance.Running away from the bullets of natural weapons.Tears in the eyes of every mammalMy good Liberia, oh whyWhy have you left your children in the hands of unseen enemies?We have cried, till we are thirsty for freedomFreedom! from invisible destroyers.Why? Why?Divisions among citizensAaah ah aah ya!!A cry from an innocent soul.Motherless, fatherlessPreparation for the future is abolished.Life has become unbearable.But now, is the time for peace to reign.Sheep cry for the shepherdNo room for happinessAnimals were rejected.Our future generations are delayed.Wake up! Wake up!!Children of this landPut away your sadness, bitterness, grief, and pains.The time has come.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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