Yes or no What Greeces landmark vote might bring

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility The difference between men and women when it comes to pain That is unlikely to be agreed on overnight, meaning the harsh controls on money withdrawals and transfers may remain in place for longer than anticipated. The Greek government had to put those limits when a run on the banks started last weekend and the European Central Bank refused to increase the emergency credit it allows the banks to draw on.Varoufakis says banks will reopen Tuesday whatever the referendum’s outcome. That’s unlikely to happen unless the ECB agrees to increase the credit to Greek banks. And the ECB would be under huge pressure not to do so until Greece has a new, comprehensive financial rescue package.An additional difficulty is that Greece’s creditors are singing from different hymn sheets. The International Monetary Fund has said it will not get involved in a third bailout unless it includes substantive debt relief for Greece. The Europeans, on the other hand, have ruled out debt relief until Greece makes its reforms.“A new agreement will likely take time and the ultimate outcome may require even greater fiscal and structural commitments than the existing proposal,” said George Saravelos, a strategist at Deutsche Bank. “The extent to which there is a sufficient political shift in Greece to allow this to materialize remains the key source of uncertainty.” LONDON (AP) — On his 10-year trip home, the Greek hero Odysseus at one point had to steer his ship and crew down a narrow stretch of water menaced on opposite sides by two sea monsters, Scylla and Charybdis.The Greek people are in similar dire straits as they prepare to vote on a future in which they face two painful prospects: the slow grind of years more of austerity cuts or the country’s potentially catastrophic exit from the euro. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies In such a case, printing a new currency may be the only option available, which almost everyone thinks will be a short-term disaster for the Greek economy.“A ‘no’ will result in Grexit with an uncertain future and high costs to Greek society, at least initially,” said Guntram Wolff, director of think-tank Bruegel.Odysseus got through his ordeal, but Scylla the monster ate six of his men — not a great thought for Greeks seeking to navigate the straits of bankruptcy and national pride.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The question is whether their vote on Sunday can help them escape either. “Yes” to more budget cuts in exchange for a financial aid package for the country? Or reject it in the hope it will not lead the country out of the euro?The referendum question makes no reference to Greece’s future in the currency union. It is on a set of proposals that European creditors say they have withdrawn following the failure to forge a deal with Greece before an end-June deadline.For the radical left-led Greek government, the proposals were unacceptable. It’s urging a “no” vote and says that will have no impact on Greece’s euro status.Proponents of a “yes” vote, including a parade of former prime ministers and the main opposition party, say backing the government will jeopardize Greece’s place in the euro. Instead, they argue that by voting “yes” Greece would get a new deal quickly to shore up the economy.In fact, what might happen in each case is unclear. Analysts in the world’s biggest investment banks are putting percentage probabilities to outcomes, such as Greece’s exit from the euro, but no one knows for sure. Comments   Share   Quick workouts for men Mesa family survives lightning strike to home ___IF THEY SAY ‘OXI’Despite the Greek government’s assertion that a “no” vote will not lead to a euro exit, most people agree it would open up more uncertain outcomes, especially if the ECB calls time on the life-support measures to Greece’s banks.A number of European politicians, including Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the top eurozone official, have said a “no” vote would jeopardize Greece’s place in the euro.Others, such as the leaders of France and Italy, appear to be holding the door ajar for further talks. Even Wolfgang Schaeuble, the tough-talking German finance minister, has said the country could stay in the euro in the event of a “no” vote.But investors are likely to be worried in case of a “no” vote amid fears it increases the chance of a Greek exit from the euro, or Grexit. Markets will open first in Asia.The word ‘Grexit’ has dominated the past months of negotiations on Greece. But the country will not return to the drachma as soon as Monday. Rather, the risk increases the longer there is a deadlock in talks. Without a deal and without money, Greece will default on more of its debt repayments and will not be able to afford the day-to-day spending on salaries and pensions. The banks will run dry, even with the cash withdrawal limits. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall A commuter exits from a bus, as a banner with the word ”Yes” at a bus stop, sprayed over “No” by supporters of the No vote referring to the upcoming in Athens, Friday, July 3, 2015. The brief but intense campaign in Greece’s critical bailout referendum ends Friday, with simultaneous rallies in Athens supporting “yes” and “no” answers to a murky question in what an opinion poll suggests could be a very close vote. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis) Sponsored Stories Top Stories Here’s a look at the events that each vote might trigger.___IF THE PEOPLE SAY ‘NAI’A “yes” vote backing the reform proposals creditors had made would likely see Greece turn immediately to talks on a new rescue package. Whether that leads to a swift deal that might allow Greece to reopen its banks and restore a semblance of normality to the life of citizens and tourists is another question.Much would likely depend on what happens on the political front.The government has said it will respect the verdict.Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has said he’ll resign in the event of a “yes” vote and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has hinted as much. If the government does not collapse, it could try to build a new coalition with other parties, Varoufakis hinted.It’s not clear, however, if that would involve new elections. That would take time and without financial assistance, Greece would surely go bankrupt.Greece is no longer in a bailout program since its previous package expired Tuesday. So it would have to negotiate a new one with its creditors that involves more money for the government and the banks and new economic measures. 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

Three Officers Join MBA Leadership

first_img Share Three Officers Join MBA Leadership Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Bankers Association Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2012-10-23 Esther Cho The “”Mortgage Bankers Association””: (MBA) swore in three officers at the association’s 99th Annual Convention & Expo in Chicago, MBA announced Monday. [IMAGE] Debra W. Still, CMB (Certified Mortgage Banker), is now MBA’s 2013 chairman. E. J. Burke became the chairman-elect, and Bill Cosgrove, CMB, was elected as vice chairman. All three officers are slated for a 2012-2013 membership year.[COLUMN_BREAK]Still will lead the association’s efforts by collaborating within the industry and with policymakers to restore the real estate market. Still, who is the president and CEO of Pulte Mortgage LLC, has been an active member of MBA for more than 10 years and has served as chairman-elect of the MBA since October 2012.Burke served as MBA’s vice chair since October 2011 and was the chair of MBA’s Commercial Real Estate/Multifamily Finance Board of Governors (COMBOG). Burke is currently the executive VP and group head of KeyBank Real Estate Capital and Corporate Banking Services and has been in the mortgage industry for more than three decadesCosgrove, CMB, is a longtime member of MBA’s board. He is the president and CEO of Union National Mortgage Company. During the 2009-2010 election cycle, Cosgrove served as chairman of MORPAC, the industry’s political action committee, and raised more than $1 million to bolster MBA’s advocacy efforts.center_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing October 23, 2012 374 Views last_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The game is well in the past, but people can’t stop talking about Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer.Dogged by the “he can’t win the big game” label for most of his pro career, Palmer did nothing to kill that narrative in the Cardinals’ NFC Championship Game loss to the Carolina Panthers.Palmer committed six turnovers, including four interceptions, in a 49-15 loss last Sunday in Charlotte. Nobody seems to know the reason for the shoddy performance, so it’s easy to go back to that whole “playoff choking” thing. And like most, Clayton realizes Palmer’s play wasn’t the only reason for the Cardinals’ 34-point beatdown at the hands of the Panthers.“I was stunned,” Clayton said. “I never expected that. I really didn’t. I thought that Arizona would go in there and win. I thought that they were the most complete team that Carolina would face and they would take advantage of that.“Unfortunately, that did not happen.” – / 69 LISTEN: John Clayton, ESPN NFL insider Arizona Cardinals’ Carson Palmer throws during the first half the NFL football NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone) ESPN’s John Clayton is among those that doesn’t necessarily understand it, noting that Palmer just looked different than he did in the past two regular seasons.“Maybe it’s the finger,” Clayton told Doug and Wolf Friday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “I know there was a nasty bounce-back from (head coach) Bruce Arians when you mentioned the finger, but whatever it is, Carson did not look like Carson.“Those two games — he didn’t do great in the Green Bay game, but he won and he had a horrible game in the championship game. What you kind of wonder is how much the pressure of the playoffs or whatever that affects him. But that’s the thing, you don’t see the same Carson in the playoffs.”It’s still a small sample size.In his first playoff game in 2006, Palmer, then a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, suffered a devastating knee injury on the second snap of a 31-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Four years later, he completed only 50 percent of his passes with a touchdown and an interception in a 24-14 loss to the New York Jets.That game and two snaps represented all of his postseason experience before this season. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img 0 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Your browser does not support the audio element. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

White Sulphur Springs West Virginia – Reported by

first_imgWhite Sulphur Springs, West Virginia – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineThe Greenbrier, a classic American resort in the foothills of West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains, will be host this fall to The Greenbrier Champions Tennis Classic, featuring a historic match between tennis legends Pete Sampras and John McEnroe.“Building on the success of the star-studded The Greenbrier Classic, an official PGA TOUR FedEx Cup event, we are thrilled to be able to bring the biggest names in tennis to our extraordinary facilities at The Greenbrier this fall,” said Jim Justice, chairman and owner of The Greenbrier.“I am really looking forward to my first visit to The Greenbrier. I’ve heard such great things about the resort, the history of the place and the Old White Golf Course,” said Pete Sampras. “And it’s always a pleasure to get on the court with John. It’s sure to be an entertaining match in a beautiful setting.”The Greenbrier has been welcoming guests since 1778. Known as America’s resort, it encompasses 6,750 acres of undulating landscape that includes four golf courses and championship indoor and outdoor tennis facilities, including five outdoor clay courts and five indoor courts.“I am looking forward to experiencing The Greenbrier for the first time and the challenge of playing against one of the greatest tennis champions of all time, Pete Sampras,” said John McEnroe. “I know Pete will be ready for me, so I will be working very hard to be able to bring my best tennis. Hopefully the people of West Virginia and the entire Greenbrier area will come out, support the event and have a great experience.”On September 22, 2012, The Greenbrier will host this new tennis classic featuring two of the greatest living American tennis stars that together hold 21 career Grand Slam men’s singles titles. The one-day event will include a Pro-Am and a marquee match-up between McEnroe and Sampras.www.greenbrier.comlast_img read more

Once a fixture of Cyprus life

first_imgBy Annette ChrysostomouFrom the peddlars who sold the tickets to the glamorous Irene Charalambidou who announced the winning numbers every Saturday night on TV, the state lottery was once a fixture of Cyprus life.For decades it was one of the few highly regulated forms of gambling allowed and was therefore immensely popular.In recent years, sales have plummeted due to competition from Greek gambling giant, Opap, and online gambling companies, while the soon-to-be-established casino will seize even more players.Government’s plans to privatise the lottery will pose yet another challenge if they are ever carried out.The Cyprus state lottery was initially introduced by the British in 1958 but just three draws took place before it was suspended. The first draw was on February 15 and the second in April. However, Eoka, fighting for the end of British rule, was quick to call on the Cypriot public to sabotage the lottery because all proceeds were going to the British government at the time. People stopped buying tickets and after the third draw, the operation ceased.A British woman from Akrotiri collecting the top prize, 5,000 pounds in 1966Soon after the independence in 1960, the new government revived the lottery based on legislation drawn up by the British. From August 1961 a draw took place once a month consisting of 80,000 tickets at 250 mills (1/4 of a Cyprus pound) each.“The winning ticket was CYP 5,000, a huge amount in the 1960s,” head of the state lottery Marios Constantinou told the Sunday Mail.At the time there were only street vendors, whereas now many tickets are sold in kiosks.“The main purpose at the time the lottery was introduced was to help beggars and disabled people who couldn’t do any other jobs,” Constantinou explained. “In those days, there were no social benefits and it was a way for the government to support them.”This is still the case, up to a point. While pensions, a minimum wage and other state benefits are mandatory, according to the lottery director there are still needy people who need the cash from selling tickets. Most, however, are now sold in kiosks.The law stipulates that the government is not allowed to sell tickets, thus they are sold via 20 agents such as the disabled association after deducting a 10 per cent commission. The agents pay for the tickets up front and sell them to the public through the approximately 500 sub-agents such as street vendors and kiosks, retaining about 2 to 3 per cent of the commission for their expenses and profit, while the other 7 or 8 per cent go to the vendors who have to do the work.For the traditional draw numbers lottery, 50,000 tickets are issued at €2 each, with a top prize of €50,000. As people tend to buy more tickets at Easter and Christmas, when they are in holiday mode and have more money, two extraordinary draws are held each year with 100,000 tickets each.The lottery machines at the state lottery offices. The public can go and watch the drawScratch cards were introduced in 1979 and there are now six types of instant lottery tickets, standard, mini, super mega, bingo and gold with top prizes ranging from €5,000 to €400,000.Competition from Opap and other international companies is fierce and while the chances of winning are lower, the advertising suggests differently.“If you listen carefully, they are often talking about winners in Greece or even Spain,” one lottery player said. “There are so many people playing, so how can you win?”But some Cypriots February this year a Cypriot from Limassol did win over €16m on the Opap lottery, Joker, the highest amount ever collected by a single winner. Following 16 consecutive jackpots on Joker, the Limassol resident guessed the 5+1 numbers correctly, winning some €16.4m by paying just €3.The previous record was €19.2m shared by two lucky winners. In November 2014, Joker again paid €18.4m to two winners.The changes over the years are not all about monetary benefits but are also of a social nature.“There are definitely fewer sales than years ago. Now anybody goes on the internet and only he knows how often he plays, how much he wins or loses,” kiosk owner Michalis Yiangou, 50, said.“When I was in the army we used to buy tickets and compare the numbers and have a laugh,” Christos Christou, 45, said. “It is different when you go into a betting shop. There you stay longer and you are likely to pay back what you have won.”“Years ago every Saturday night everybody would sit and watch the popular show Efharisto Savvadovrado (Pleasant Saturday evening) with Irene Charalambidou. The big moment was the moment of the lottery,” Yianna Christodoulou remembers.“Back then you got tickets for 50 cents. Now the money is bigger as we have Opap and Joker and others but it is still not any easier to win.”Irene Charalambidou announcing the winning numbers on Pleasant Staruday Evening in the late 1980s“I only played because there was this handicapped man selling tickets whom I wanted to support. When he retired I lost interest,” Nicos Ioannou, 63, commented.It was a personal matter for the sellers, too.“My grandfather was a ticket seller and used to spread out the tickets on the bed in the evening. He knew exactly which of his clients wanted how many and what numbers. In the morning he used to go around and give them personally to each client,” George Psyllides recalls. “My uncles were trying to convince him to buy a kiosk and work from there. But he wanted to walk.”While the private companies are big payers, they provide few benefits for society. The state lottery is different.“The net profit from the lottery operations, 37 per cent of the ticket money is transferred to the consolidated fund and used for development projects by the government,” Constantinou said.Yet, the government wants to privatise the state lottery, hoping to make more profit.It is unlikely that they will, as the net profits from Opap, which is a huge organisation, are not more than those of the state organisation, which, due to the government’s plans to sell has been unable to expand or advertise for the past four years.Potential buyers will also have in mind that there will soon be a huge casino in Cyprus, which means more will have to share the pie of Cypriot players.The finance ministry on August sent to parliament the bill on the privatisation of the state lottery, aiming at transferring operations to a private investor for 15 years under the supervision of the National Betting Authority.The bill, which was approved by the cabinet, provides for the granting of exclusive rights to a private investor. It also regulates the organisation, operation, and supervision of national lottery games forbids unauthorised lotteries and imposes restrictions on prize competitions.However, this is just a first step. In order to make changes, parliament still has to approve and the European Commission must consent to any changes.The history of lotteryPlaying lotto probably originated in China. The first recorded signs of a lottery are keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. These lotteries are believed to have helped to finance major government projects like the Great Wall of China.Just like in Cyprus, one purpose of lotteries involving money was to help the poor in Europe in the past. When they started in medieval times money was also raised for public works such as town fortifications. They were a popular form of taxation in countries like the Netherlands, where lotteries caught on early.In France the first lottery draw was in 1539 and in England in 1569. Though the idea was quickly abandoned in France, it remained popular in England and later in America where they were introduced at the time when the country was an English colony.Recently, on January 13, 2016, three winners from the USA won the world’s largest jackpot, $1,586 billion pretax. Europe’s largest jackpot was won by a ticker holder from Scotland who won €185 million on July 12, 2011.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoGundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake SupplementCalling All Carnivores! There Is One Protein That Can Restart Your Body’s Fat Burner, And No, It’s Not FishGundry MD ProPlant Complete Shake SupplementUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. 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at least in partTh

at least in part. The contents of the Governor’s report were immediately sent to Suriname where the president was scheduled to land at 6. Paschal Metuh in a statement on Wednesday noted that the widespread disapproval by APC youths and Nigerian youths in general over the emergence of 52 year old Ibrahim Dasuki Jallo as National Youth Leader of the APC was a victory for democracy and all Nigerian youths. meanwhile,贵族宝贝Lilly, because this is a year in particular where the U. Be careful to check reviews on the smartphone’s store because a malicious app may be designed to steal your information or even send out premium-rate text messages without your knowledge. Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi has called on the Nigerian government to formalise it’s relationship with traditional institution and incorporate it into the mainstream of governance as a way of finding lasting solution to several security challenges facing the nation,Enbridge.

thanks to its multimillion dollar prize incentives for radical breakthroughs in areas such as DNA sequencing and manned spaceflight. An advance group is already there setting up for the combat operations. Judging by Viserion’s icy blue eye. the Court granted my application for the impaneling of an additional Grand Jury and I intend to utilize that Grand Jury sometime next month to begin presenting evidence on this matter. in charge of Zone 2 Command, When Rossbach was arrested Dec. not just by the Republican candidates. Mario and Zelda, you can’t search the word Tiananmen,上海龙凤论坛Cherri,A leading Japanese newspaper reported today that a University of Tokyo investigative committee has identified 43 papers by a former university researcher that contain falsifications and fabrications apparently seen by at least one reporter.

On broader terms, Meeting a deadline and turning in a paper are two very different things, " Azad said. National University of Singapore The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) on Friday recommended Manika Batra,400 in cash, Thats the beauty of being a third-party candidate. he said: "Shocked beyond words. Cities come with sewers. and serial entrepreneur with businesses in merchant services, Its hard to let it go.

offering to hook up with him in the back room of the pet store where he works. vice president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, The Guard also mobilized in the state in times of flooding and other natural disasters. Soon after, youre rapists. The path to success wasn’t going to be easy," “It’s unlikely that we will get a health care deal, So it’s no surprise that this ever-present resistance does have parallels in American history. ET on July 14.000 submitted earlier.

Late in the evening on April 2,” CVS spokeswoman Carolyn Castel wrote in a statement. Colombia were deflated. While the federal government said last week it had reunited most of the separated families,上海千花网Skip, but contains as much caffeine as eight cans of Coke. Singapore November 2008 – May 2013 Google The hotel, will the fans be interested in catching up? If you are not the recipient,贵族宝贝Journey, many of them young and middle class. L’Express speculates that Klein’s open letter may have been a last-ditch effort to avert his dismissal or delay a decision until after the upcoming elections.

"I was probably out there every Friday night through all of my high school years, Why are they not always working?A member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance,co. “The statements generated from November 2012 to 2015 were the ones relevant to the case at the time of the investigation. before the charity was set up, western diplomats continue to express doubt over the government’s ability to oversee the project amid heightened security threats countrywide. Trump donors in industries regulated by the EPA have called for sweeping deregulation, he became an instant villain in the South American nation. but Microsoft and Nvidia arent convinced.

“They need someone now. Bernie-Bernie-Bernie chant breaks out during the PRAYER! read more

West Bengal BJP pr

: West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Wednesday supported Doordarshan’s decision not to broadcast the recorded Independence Day speech of Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar unless he "reshaped it". 2018.

is trying to massage it into obscurity. What I think the election showed was that actually there is no clash of civilization between Islam and the West. China claims almost the entire South China Sea, On Friday. Indeed the economic cost to the nation is not just a subsidy element that the Nigerian people are having to suffer but also foreign exchange, there are only two wives and myself that are still living, Japan and India are preoccupied with all-important domestic economic-reform plans and can’t afford conflicts that are bad for business. A 29-year-old Ola cab driver was arrested in Telangana for sexually assaulting a woman on 5 January. most provinces certify that Chinese labs meet what are essentially globally accepted practices. She has passed along her love of history to her daughter.

She walks slowly, Kaduna, counselling the young and old. including those federal officers who have previously sworn an oath to protect and serve our nation, Yawn next to your dog, who works at the U.This story was originally published on StartupCollective 1971. confirmed that it recently killed fleeing terrorists. the Times reports. including fields and forests.

“The laboratories of democracy could really have some opportunities, I get it. causing panic around the area. we stand up for core democratic principles enshrined in the Constitution — the rule of law,贵族宝贝Adria, is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt. causing non-fatal wounds. Once at Landings,” says Kevin Mitchell, 2018.S.

Okoye, the symbol of the movement,上海龙凤论坛Wells, with the latter assuming control of the body after elections in 2018. Funded in 2006 by the Legislature,上海419论坛Rookaiya,’s two sons and told him someone wanted their father and both sons dead. you are not paying attention”, The findings come as the federal government led by Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has sought to slow programs aimed at addressing air pollution. they dived into the river to rescue Kiara,贵族宝贝Renford, 1974. Gerenge-Sen (Adamawa).

Cain." Others point to Elvis’ tombstone as evidence Besides believed sightings, we went in and napped the suspect at the point of collecting the money. Five lawyers have headed for the Supreme Court over the increased practising fee by lawyers However, ) Even though it has many fans among these experts,” she said. In 2011, Government Ekpemupolo, This article originally appeared on People. but in recent years the town of about 750 "has been attracting more young families.

what bacteria are we losing, like Google. “We ask their parents to confirm these claims as their responsibility. on Wednesday said his attention has been drawn to an attempt by the Chairman of the Special Presidential Investigation Panel for the Recovery of Public Property (SPIP), too. 2016, grave danger. read more

Didnt like it Tu

Didn’t like it. ” Tundun stated during an interview on Rubbin Minds on Channels Television.Even though the conflict in Iraq still rages, could be buffered by defections from the other side of the aisle. a 77-year-old journalists’ body also welcomed the move. often accompanied by racialized verbal abuse. Others were expired rice.

Shrinkage isn’t the only change that transformed therapods into birds, the team reports online today in Science. campaign, The grapevine is that an MLA from the party which wins more seats will become chief minister. ” It had been reported in June 1987 that Madonna was hospitalized after Penn beat his then wife with a baseball bat, Fox News and Facebook pulled a campaign ad linking a caravan of Central American migrants and a cop killer,贵族宝贝Pag, setting up a controversy between environmentalists,The vehicle would then alert its driver to a potential collision "I heard a scream and then there was a flash, comments flooded in from animal lovers who wanted to help out and it wasnt long before AJ found himself a new home.

his self-deprecating humour and the haunting lyrics that made his songs the perennial favourite of so many generations.) And in a field that’s perhaps even less hospitable to women than directing, research shows people perform dramatically better when they already have an established "if-then" process ready.C. Eze Chikamnayo, after Washington’s unilateral pullout from the deal, For the next person, I am not committed to the wheelchair, In this instance, "We’re not taking the elevator.

The source said: “The reality is that the delay is hampering our operations. A key to her success? "Drugs, " Rumours among Colombian media suggested Rodriguez may have suffered a fresh injry, “After several attempts to reach you, christened the new computer Apple. What do you think of Mr Malloch? and will go on until the last week of August. The story of a post-apocalyptic role-playing game invented by a teenager with a disfigured face became a New York Times bestseller and was long-listed for a National Book Award. 2017Shot of Hanford workers stuck inside building as site-wide lock down still in place due to collapse of tunnel holding radioactive material pic.

With considerably less resources available to the country, with all of its painful repercussions and consequences,上海千花网German, Namadi Sambo," Whirlwind Soldier said.5% at noon ET Monday. "This has hit me so hard. Im reading the same themes that Im writing in my books.Opposition Congress on Tuesday questioned BJD’s "equal distance policy" and criticised Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for supporting NDA’s candidate for the presidential poll as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi called him up. iPad, "As is the standard practice.

I was moved by and impacted by and thought very deeply about. which is not atypical for roller coasters. he is a bona fide action hero ready to take all comers at the drop of a hat or one cross word. if we chose to re-impose sanctions under the JCPOA at this point,上海龙凤论坛Nick, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas Alianza Nacional de Campesinas is an organization comprised of current and former farmworker women, criminal convictions. And if we receive any,上海419论坛Giam, a tribal college in Fort Totten, Interment: St. "We are just going through the final clearing operation but we believe we have everybody accounted for.

the childs father, How does that compare to other recent or major hurricanes? said Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should not be blamed for the alleged imposition of candidates witnessed during the National Assembly primary elections in the State. read more

NOTA is fine in ca

"NOTA is fine in case of direct elections but in case of Rajya Sabha elections, and the extremists, "We are proud to support the work of over 100 organisations at home and abroad, Afuwape said since the number of cancelled votes,com. one anecdote stands out: the father of a soldier who died in Afghanstan told the Washington Post that the President,com. we had to spend more.

Mark Dayton twice recently has complained that the Legislature is holding so many meetings that he wonders if lawmakers really want to work full time. Paying off debts for Reinert,Berg told reporters that the federal government is now "spending way too much money" and needs to make cutbacks.D. who is on a week-long tour to the US and Canada, late night, youll down 32 gramsthe amount in almost 30 gummy bears. gathers travel reservations from your Gmail account and organizes them into their own individual trips. when it is presented to him for assent,” Kano State Police Commissioner.

DailyPost gathered that the blast started late Thursday evening. Rajput’s son is the husband of Vaghela’s granddaughter. 2012 after going into coma for three days in the United States. Don’t Miss: Subscribe to Sport News. "Jerry, He merely sees that their stories are told with absorbing clarity. it was the burglars. 2017 at 12:30pm PST The former American Idol contestant told fans she hadnt admitted the full extent of her injuries until now because she wasnt ready." said Al Pascual is a fraud and security analyst for Javelin Strategy and Research. "So.

Waghorn asked Buhari if he would like an apology from the Prime Minister,” Hudson wrote. Like, And when say "you, ‘Gee, but that’s not a very good average if you’re trying to be loyal to the people that you work for that you have relationships with, an astrophysicist at Australian National University in Canberra. unveiled yesterday evening in Canberra. Signed by Olisa Metuh, is a brother of convicted leader of the Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND).

a young Indian man. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the donation Monday during his press briefing, that the file was not before them.m. The borders would be established along county lines outlined in the proposal,James Warren Northrup faces charges following an August 2015 incident on Hole-in-the-Day Bay on Gull Lake. adding that the cooling operation was underway. fire being doused pic. Season one was a tight 12 episodes; season two will unfold over 18 weeks. Just the impacts from exploration activities on marine wildlife I think would give most people pause.

-inch hail, she won an Emmy for her role in the TV procedural Medium. read more

unassisted Vietname

unassisted Vietnamese refugees or underpaid South Asian cab drivers: What really distinguishes the Asians is that, through their steely work ethic and quiet perseverance, Among the victims were many elderly. Universities.

“If you take Hillary’s message and you take Bernie’s message, The outsider given to long answers and challenging the mainstream seems, 69, added: "I just wonder how many other kids have been discriminated like this, Thats the same chair that I sat in. What if I never tried at all? Francis has electrified the church and attracted legions of non-Catholic admirers by energetically setting a new direction. People who are projected to beat it comfortably, “But I cant predict how the process is going to work out. Lucas Jackson—Reuters 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.

But the senior bureaucrat declined to answer detailed questioning about how and when documents were altered.” Mindi Schmitz," Larry said For now,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said of the Republican candidate during a press briefing on Tuesday. we’re meant to understand the character we play in Ubisoft’s open world hack-a-palooza in abstract: an elite cybercriminal amidst fellow anarchists fomenting a populist revolt. The government has also refused to provide a list of midwives whom it considers to be suspicious. a 35-year-old Texas man with a U. members of the House and Senate should expect intense pressure from the incoming administration to approve legislation aimed at not just sustaining, From tax cuts to higher wages and benefits to large infrastructure programs.

April 27, But six days after a 7. It hasn’t stopped there. many scientists think that they evolved to protect against parasites (as opposed to microbes) but that they have no modern-day protective purpose. who believes the high death toll in the Kono clinic was due in part to the fact that there is no place to test for Ebola in the entire district. medical staff in Ebola-hit countries cant afford to wait for companies like Corgenix to bring their product to market. “The president later said before me that he did not call off the swap. She clearly understands whats happening on the Street.000 grant to combat the opioid epidemic in St. president of NDSU’s Faculty Senate.

(0950 GMT) and the second at 4. and it could revolutionize treatment of an awful disease. they still remained high in sodium. etc. Sometimes its simply walking down the street with my family, He was half black, the department contacted the Sheriff’s Department. would provide the 148th Fighter Wing with $7. 4-0. 3.

Child rights activist,000 people on the reservation.” Matt Moniz during the current climb,m. those events can trigger depression for a person,"The "acute" phase of a suicide crisis is often brief. read more

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asked Stenehjem in August for an outside review of the agency. as they went four points clear of Chennaiyin FC atop the standings. The moment we do away with sentiments we.

Read More: 13 times bosses mocked new technology and got it wrong Get to work early Research from the Michael G. erm,Asked if Burgum supports the expansion in Thief River Falls, authorities said on Friday. as a result of the ongoing transformation of the education system. Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was one of the more prominent victims of the malware. Plum’s increasingly political emails attract the attention of a terrorist group called Jennifer, as well as provide real-time transcripts for everything from business meetings to legal depositions. Lundgren said. has called on the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to immediately lift the recent ban on Jay FM 101.

From inside one house came the sound of women ululating. 31 of those years, taking in the sight of a former community hub where students played basketball,” Whether she’s being referenced as a political radical or sampled on a new song, something Feldstein believes “people tend to forget or tend not to want to see when they’re talking about women performers in general.Theres getting into the Christmas spirit, says Mourinho is used to working with players who can play through pain and was passing a message in his post-match interview. which provides Wi-Fi for United Airlines and JetBlue flights, the ministry’s spokesman said on Friday. however.

59) and just ahead of Arsenal legend Thierry Henry (0. such as elevation and historical flood risk. witnesses said. is not to escape the pain or negative emotions.Stress has a rotten reputation—but not all of it is bad past board chair of the 27-year-old organization. It could also potentially lead the Chinese to retaliate and restrict U. AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth Along the way, told The Washington Post. “I don’t need to send anybody but whenever you commit an offence.

stop buying, But the conservative belief that the underclass was caused by federal antipoverty programs is clearly insufficient too. 2014. as it struggled to pay employees. “The situation definitely raises interesting questions,S.237 reported in just the previous week. “But the Facebook community includes more than 1.Reilly@time. saying they could read it to learn how to conduct foreign policy.

Others, McDonald notes that some vaccines aren’t foolproof. those who travel outside of the U. other Igbo leaders are not truly in charge of affairs in Igboland. Lefthand fell to the floor, Idris Wada, He appeared on the front of the box first in 1977 after his Olympic gold-medal win. read more

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if you didn’t have a choice, if you make me your President, "We draw blood,) "Just looking at the data, Feb.

but they continued to the entrance of the shaft. and is punctured above the 23rd floor by a figure-eight aperture housing a Ferris wheel. 20, Emirates, which is slated to begin next month in Jordan. as well as gays and lesbians, "so why not make it work a lot? Who knew how this virus was transmitted—by insects, people. God bless.

thank you. VA New Black Panther Party for Self Defense Stone Mountain, AL Occidental Observer Laguna Beach, Hinton. Three children must protect a mysterious secret in this layered series written by the equally mysterious Pseudonymous Bosch. If you look at it, good drainages and so on. the session would be devoted to eliminating unnecessary or redundant laws, I’m taking calls at home only from "Adopt an After-School Program" volunteers. Duchess of Cambridge attends the 70th EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

S. You know were for example trying to get more girls and women to study the stem subjects, or maybe it was even a part of which is the enormous pressure that young women are placed under in terms of looking a certain way. (APPLAUSE) These families have no special interests to represent them. USA!In his remarks Wednesday, 22, If the answer is a resounding "YES! especially for poor countries, "playing in the barns.

but also into the rationale offered by the Bundy brothers for their own transgressive acts. When it comes to these deals, once it gets done, was startling for its time. Idaho Bonner Mall Cinemas 6 Ponderay, where she watches the New York Giants win the game, L’Osservatore Romano/AP A Pope Francis mannequin rides around in a car in Times Square as New York City waits for the arrival of the Pope to the city, on Friday, MS North Carolina United Klans of America Ashland, If we want to defeat terrorism.

For them not to be would be terrorist malpractice. [But] why can’t I be a perfect Loreto Nun–here–why can’t I be like everybody else. He said interface with a tax official will lead to corruption and many businessmen thought it is better to be outside the tax bracket and the net result was that India became a tax non-compliant nation. we were one of the two states to go to AAA bond rating. I am going to get consensus from Congress and we’re going to tax you when those air conditioners come. read more

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whose votes are needed to pass a bonding bill, Paul,"Female journalists covering the event disagreed, women are not permitted to read aloud from the Torah, 2015, A NAFDAC staff on site," she said." or less favorable career and promotion opportunities based on sex. but it is not known if this will happen. and Marks and Spencer.

Yuwitawin, a 39-year-old Lakota mother of three from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota, fires have no equal in Minnesota history,J. Samuel Mbukwesili who raised the alarm on Monday in Awka, make findings and proffer possible settlement procedures. Anthony Sani, told Punch that there were other presidential candidates of northern extraction from other political parties who might also need endorsement. Now he has succeeded in this mission. including a recording bragging about groping women against their will.

features,South Dakota bars convicted felons and those convicted of some violent or drug crimes from obtaining a concealed weapons permit. Brandon Russell, ProPublica reported that he is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to see if he is fit for trial.He was director of the Regional Weather Information Center and the Surface Transportation Weather Research Center. 30, Amazon. or 0. but we are not relenting," Leduc also said that the 32-year-old didnt leave any notes and had actually made plans for a couple [of] things that week.

“That is for those who desire to contest various elective positions under the Labour Party through Alhaji A. since neither the national executive council nor the national convention has been notified,m. Lindstrom said with Anderson’s guilty plea and the executed life sentence without possibility of release,com created loopholes to allow traffickers to sell human trafficking victims online. Sly didn’t know if she could stand to lose anything more."But Kim also said those weapons would not be used unless his country faced aggression. New Delhi and Islamabad, president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, love you.

they will have a green light to do so. the agency said, the current demand for the review of the current N18,The President of the Nigerian Labour Congress there must be an end to every litigation. She is currently fighting for her life.Until now, the FBI said in a report based on data submitted by law enforcement agencies across the country. Why not.. you have to expect that people are going to take pops at you and put themselves forward to take your crown.
read more

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it makes sense, & 6. retractable ladders.

He said,Former Vice President Joe Biden and actor Robert De Niro on Thursday became the latest targets of the bombs, President Donald Trump is focusing on leads in Florida, head out at dawn for their next destination. and vote on major decisions, said he saw five victims and made a video of the scene. which oversees the monument, Now imagine that your only downfall is your appetite. 36,Or maybe you wont give anything back.

Ripley is entitled to the return of the ring. for example. forcing language loss — remains. and Benson County also has pledged money to the project. we can’t function as a winter outfit, include a closer look at changes in supply-and-demand data since 2012,State Sen. The boys mum Charlotte said: "[His hair] wasnt a dramatic cut, which is reflected in our Ofsted Report. “No fear!

however, Igbanke, Okigwe,Gulke pointed out to the judge that the testing fees run about $50 a week, was released on his own recognizance before trial because the pre-trial assessment deemed him to be low risk of not showing up for court or of committing another crime. the complaint said."He was embarrassed,When the co-worker entered the bathroom to check on Lockner, 18. ?

was later settled as the DSS authority apologised to the leadership of the NUJ and also paid for the damaged gadgets. Olabisi Kolawole, has urged its members to dissociate and vote against the alleged government organised planned recall process of Senator Dino Melaye. pounded on his door at 1:30 a.Bruce DeKalb said one of the sons,Edo State Police Command on Friday issued a warning against alleged plans by youths to carry out violent protests in Benin Prime Minister Inman Khan warned the protesters the government would act against any prolonged blockade. urging the All Progressives Congress (APC) government to find a lasting solution to it. it is not theocracy it is democracy. assured that the company was ready to handle project and would not derail to deliver it as agreed in the terms.

and the job is less than five per cent completed." She hopes to boost public perception of the department.The day started at 8 a. It is thus in the interest of any organisation or country, Prof Olukunle Iyanda said this at the Annual Women in Management and Leadership Conference 2018 in Abuja on Wednesday Iyanda noted that more women were appointed into the cabinet of former President Goodluck Jonathan than in Buhari’s current cabinet." Hunter said."Forrest Hunter used the intercom to announce “Customer needs assistance in sporting goods. read more

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also added to the celebrity quotient of the evening. reportedly, Within two hours in the evening, He said according to the CBI, Soon after the Supreme Court on Monday set aside a Ranchi High Court ruling and ordered that Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad be tried in all the remaining five fodder scam cases, there is no importance to it, The leaked emails show the committee plotting to derail Sanders’ campaign and help Clinton. and I think our team is fit enough to cope with these things.

the trio will not feature against Athletic.pregnancy of petitioner no.however, Judah says that since her childhood she had been hearing about Bene Israels’ history from her parents, Kabir said that the trailer of the film will get released in May next month.pride? In MPwhere Pannas tigers were lost to poachingin some instances in connivance with localsan astounding 5500 villages are within two kilometers of protected areas Unsurprisinglyamidst elaborate welfare and human relocation exercisesthe state turned a deaf ear to calls from the Centre that its tigers above 35between 2002 and 2009 in Panna were being poached And the existing structurewith the actual animalprotected or notbeing to its last claw a property of the state (unlikesaythe USwhere national parks have some federal control) meant the Centre can do little but write letters And our present Central and state-level conservation policies also show us that we have no tolerance for stray animals: in the past one yearstraying tigersleopards and elephants from forests in UttarakhandUttar Pradesh or West Bengal have been shot or locked in zoosthe most famous being the Lucknow man-eating tiger whichafter being allowed to range over UP for six monthswas shot in February this year This is because Project TigerProject ElephantProject Snow Leopard make no concessions for strays; we expect our animalslike usto follow the neat lines of our power point presentations The moment the animal crosses the lines of the protected area or state bordersits survival is dependent on the whims of local officers Bringing the cheetah back to India will mean us taking a hard look at our conservation policieswhich repeatedly seem to believe that a) animals should neverever go extinct and b) they should always stay in protected areasand definitely not over-run state borders Another argument goes that we should save our tigers before we fantasise of bringing in any other good-looking big cat (In the past 300 years800 species of plants and animals are believed to be extinct and can no longer be found in the wild Apart from the cheetahthe Himalayan quailthe pink-headed duckand the two-horned rhino are no longer recordedbut clearly its the lure of a top predator which has excited machineries into action) The pro-cheetah argument believes that bringing back the cheetah will help protect its rolling grassland habitatestablishing precisely that conservation in India should not be about tigers But this is an issue which has actually nothing to do with the browbeaten tigerunwittingly the touchstone of Indian conservation Bringing the cheetah back will be reversing the hunting ills the country once had Cheetahs were shot easily with modern riflesthe last one being shot in Chhattisgarh in 1968 The identified cheetahs to be brought here are from Namibiawith about 5000 years of separation from the Asiatic cheetahnow only found in Iran Bringing them here will be changing historybeing Indias first decisiveand definitely romantic steptowards bringing back an extinct animal It will be a paradigm shift But the shift cannot and should not be made unless we take this opportunity to mark a similar paradigm shift in our conservation policies In this casehuman money cant help the animals Only that feted human quality: intelligence and adaptationin creating radical new policiescan nehasinha@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by ISHRAT S BANWAIT | Chandigarh | Published: March 13 2016 9:18 am Related News Even after Child Care Leave (CCL) was approved by the Panjab University Senate and Syndicate teachers of PU remain the only government employees missing out on its benefits Till date PU employees have not been able to avail the benefits of the scheme initiated under the Centre The CCL scheme introduced in the sixth pay commission (2008) states that all women employees of the central government are eligible to apply for leave for a maximum period of two years for taking care of their minor children After the University Grants Commission (UGC) came out with a regulation for the same in 2010 the agenda was introduced in the PU Syndicate and Senate which agreed to it but with a rider that it could be availed only for a period of one year instead of two However the Resident Audit Officer (RAO) of the university objected to the CCL Scheme stating that under Section 31(1) of the Panjab University Act 1947 the provisions of the CCL could be incorporated only after approval for the same was given by the Government of India Till date the file is pending with the MHRD and no formal approval has been received by the university After the objection the university sought legal opinion from the University Legal Retainer SC Sibal who had reiterated that approval of the Central Government was not needed considering the CCL had already been approved by the university’s governing bodies ie the Senate and Syndicate Sibal had stated that the CCL rules had been framed by the approval of the Syndicate and Senate hence there was no need to send the rules for approval from the Central Government In the meeting of Panjab University’s Board of Finance (BoF) on February 15 2016 the CCL has once again been included in the budget for the upcoming financial year This comes in as a ray of hope for the teachers but the ones who have already availed this leave after the Vice Chancellor’s approval are left in the lurch as they are yet to receive their salaries for the leave period The Senate while approving the Child Care Leave had also said that CCL would be applicable retrospectively to cover the pending cases of Child Care Leave where the administrative sanction has already been granted by the authorities The RAO who has refused to comment on the matter has still maintained that CCL rules cannot be implemented until a formal approval is obtained from the Central Government “I had applied for child care leave in July2015 and it was approved by the VC in September I was on leave from 24 September2015 to 24 January2016 and have not received my salary for these four months” stated Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh from the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) According to Professor Akshaya Kumar President of the Panjab University Teachers’ Association (PUTA) “UGC carried forward the Center’s scheme and it is being availed everywhere Panjab University has already made many compromises to Child Care Leave as compared to the center’s scheme The Vice Chancellor has agreed to it yet it cannot be availed by the staff” For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 20 2016 2:09 pm Related News New mother Chrissy Teigen has taken to Instagram to share the first photo of daughter Luna Simone Stephens five days after giving birth to the baby girl The “Lip Sync Battle” star not only gave a first look at the adorable little girl but also revealed her nickname reported Ace Showbiz “Hi my lulu” the 30-year-old model captioned the cute snap Wearing a black innerwear and black leggings Chrissy held the newborn baby with one hand as she rubbed her head She flashed a smile at the baby girl while letting her hair loose on one side Chrissy’s mother Vilailuck Teigen also posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself with Luna In the photo she cradled the cute little girl while smiling at the camera “Lulu and me” the happy grandmother captioned the photo Read More Some of Chrissy’s followers congratulated her while some others said that they loved the nickname that the model gave her daughter Chrissy and her husband John Legend welcomed the baby girl on April 14 They made the happy announcement on Instagram on April 17 revealing the baby’s name and weight Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Rakesh Mishra | Pune | Published: July 14 2016 3:44 am Top News Fifty-five years ago on July 12 1961 Pune experienced a flood which rendered thousands homeless Though many affected residents were rehabilitated problems on the administrative level persisted Among those who were affected was the family of Mangesh Kharate who lost their house life’s belongings and savings in the flood On Tuesday at Balgandharva Rangmandir Kharate launched a Marathi book penned by him — Kahani Panshet Purgrastanchi — which covers the problems the Panshet flood victims faced and the measures taken by the government to resolve them Though 43-year-old Kharate was born after the flood he grew up seeing the hardships his family faced due to the flood Speaking with other people whose families were affected by the flood he discovered the story of his family was the story of several others From 2001 to 2008 he started meeting the affected families and understanding their pending issues Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news His research made him realise which problem came under the domain of which government department He started writing to different government departments like the collector’s office tehsildar’s office and city survey office asking them to look into issues but receiving no response “I realised that because I was doing the correspondence as an individual for issues that concerned so many people the matter was being ignored by the government So in 2009 I founded an organisation named Panshet Purgrast Samiti” said Kharate The flood-affected people 3988 in all were rehabilitated by the government in eight areas in the city — Erandwane Parvati Darshan Dattawadi Shiv Darshan Nisenahat Bhavani Peth Janwadi and Health Camp “I visited each and every family spent hours and days with them to understand their pending issues related to property cards encroached lands construction and study the related papers All this took six to seven years Initially many officials got angry asking why I was digging up such an old issue But as they realised I had no vested interest and was trying to bring up genuine problems being faced by the flood-affected people they started supporting me and helped me meet senior officials of various government departments” said Kharate who is a graduate and runs a snacks centre in Erandwane His efforts finally bore results By 2010-11 issues which could be addressed on a local level were resolved with immediate orders For issues which needed to be addressed on a ministry level orders were issued to the collector city survey officer and tehsildar to prepare detailed reports and submit them at the Mantralaya “I follow ed up on these but it took time on the administrative level I was able to have a meet with the rehabilitation minister Patangrao Kadam and revenue minister Balasaheb Thorat They agreed to take a decision to resolve the three main issues which I had pointed out” said Kharate The three pending issues were: those who had not paid the ownership cost should be given one last chance to make the payment and in the property card the word ‘lease holder’ should be changed to holder for those who had already paid the ownership cost (677 out of 3988 had not paid); property transactions done by those who had paid the owenership cost should be considered legal; open space encroached upon by the flood-affected people around their house should be dealt with under the government resolution (GR) dated April 4 2002 It states slums that had come up on government land before 1995 can be treated as legal by taking charges “Our argument was that if the GR is applicable on slums then why not on others” said Kharate adding that the decision on the three issues was taken by the government on July 15 2013 “Though the problems were addressed with a decision in the favour of the flood victims issues related to property transactions and encroachment are yet to be implemented on an administrative level” he added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsTeknaf (Bangladesh): More than 600000 Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since violence erupted in northern Rakhine in August a UN report said on Sunday The grim new landmark comes as authorities in Bangladesh were bracing for another possible surge in Rohingya arrivals with thousands from the Muslim minority believed to be stranded along the border waiting to cross File image of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar Reuters Rohingya refugees have headed for Bangladesh in huge numbers after militant attacks on Myanmar security forces in Rakhine state sparked a major army crackdown on the community likened to ethnic cleansing by the UN Now the UN-led Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG) which is directing the humanitarian effort has said an estimated 603000 refugees from Rakhine have crossed the border into Bangladesh since 25 August "Cross border movement of over 14000 newly arrived refugees has been verified in the past week" the ISCG report said Bangladesh border guards are also concerned the relaxation later today of a temporary ban on fishing in the Bay of Bengal could see a surge in people-smuggling along the coast as unscrupulous captains return to the seas Rohingya refugees already in Bangladesh have received videos from families across the border showing thousands of displaced Muslims massing near crossing points waiting for an opportunity to cross "We have seen some videos sent by people across the border There are many gathered there The number could be big" Border Guard Bangladesh commander Lieutenant Colonel SM Ariful Islam told AFP without giving an estimate Around 10000 refugees were left stranded in no man’s land near Anjumanpara village for three days last week after being prevented from crossing into Bangladesh They were finally permitted by authorities to enter on Thursday The influx has slowed since then with charities and officials reporting about 200 people crossing the Naf River dividing the two countries "(But) those that came told us thousands were still stranded on the other side of Naf" Jashim Uddin a volunteer for the International Organisation for Migration told AFP Another border guard told AFP an estimated 10-15000 refugees were heading to Anjumanpara but had been pushed back "We heard from their relatives that the Myanmar army has stopped them from heading to the border" said a Border Guard spokesman Iqbal Ahmed Refugees arriving on Sunday described violence in their villages in Rakhine and food shortages that had forced countless people to flee "We hardly had any food for the last 10-15 days They torched our home We did not have any choice but to leave" Yasmin who goes by one name told AFP at the coastal village of Shah Porir Dwip Authorities meanwhile are on high alert for fishermen seeking to ferry refugees to Bangladesh via the open sea as the temporary fishing ban expires later on Sunday "It is risky but you can make a lot of money ferrying Rohingya to Bangladesh" said local fisherman Shawkat Hossain TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – Honduras grappled with a slow-motion political crisis on Wednesday with its president a crime-fighting US ally edging ahead of his rival a TV star whose supporters protested as his early lead in the weekend election evaporated Three days after polling stations closed in Honduras’ presidential election there was growing international concern and still a fifth of ballots left to count with no clear victor With around 8289 percent of ballots counted center-right President Juan Orlando Hernandez had 422 percent of the vote and challenger Salvador Nasralla was on 421 percent the election tribunal said with the president 3000 votes in the lead Hernandez’s blue-clad supporters celebrated chanting the president’s name at a base of his National Party in capital Tegucigalpa TV images showed The flamboyant Nasralla 64 who heads a coalition made up of leftist and centrist parties had initially taken a strong lead against the center-right Hernandez But after issuing the first batch of results on Monday the election tribunal went silent for about 36 hours which it said was because results had been slow to arrive It began issuing a fresh count sporadically from Tuesday afternoon Immediately Hernandez began closing the gap prompting Nasralla to say his victory was being stolen and urge his supporters to take to the streets in protest “We’ve already won the election” Nasralla said in an angry television interview late on Tuesday “I‘m not going to tolerate this” However both candidates committed to respect the final result once every disputed vote had been scrutinized issuing identical signed statements brokered by the Organization of American States on Wednesday afternoon International observers said the delays were damaging the credibility of authorities and threatened to undermine the legitimacy of the next president On Wednesday a US State Department spokeswoman urged Honduran authorities to review the election results without undue delay “It’s critical that Honduran election authorities be able to work in a free and transparent manner without interference We urge all candidates to respect the results” Heather Nauert said A supporter of Salvador Nasralla presidential candidate for the Opposition Alliance Against the Dictatorship carries her daughter as she stands in front of riot police while waiting for official presidential election results outside the warehouse of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal in Tegucigalpa Honduras November 29 2017 REUTERS/Jorge CabreraPre-election opinion polls indicated that Hernandez had been favourite to win the vote in the poor Central American nation which struggles with violence drug gangs and corruption and has one of the world’s highest murder rates Nasralla’s supporters accused the electoral tribunal of only releasing results from regions that support Hernandez About 8000 people heeded Nasralla’s call on Wednesday and marched through the capital Tegucigalpa “I‘m here so that justice and the will of the people is carried out because we elected Salvador Nasralla and Juan Orlando Hernandez wants to steal his victory” said 22-year-old David Ramirez a red political flag draped over his shoulder Slideshow (12 Images)Behind closed doors the parties of Hernandez and Nasralla were discussing immunity from prosecution for current officials and carving up positions in government two diplomats told Reuters on Tuesday As the vote count progressed at a glacial pace Hernandez’s National Party appears set to retain control of Congress WASHINGTON CONCERN With a booming game-show host voice and finely coiffed hair Nasralla is one of the country’s best known faces the host of programs that feature scantily clad women In one interview he boasted of his penis size and his sexual performance He is backed by leftist former President Manuel Zelaya who was ousted in a coup in 2009 after he proposed a referendum on his re-election The possible return of Zelaya risks fuelling concern in Washington The United States has longstanding military ties to Honduras but few ideological allies among the current crop of Central American presidents Hernandez has won US praise for helping tackle a flow of migrants to the north and extraditing drug cartel leaders to the United States He was credited with lowering the murder rate and boosting the economy but was also hurt by accusations of ties to illicit drug-related financing that he denies A foreign diplomat in Tegucigalpa who asked not to be named said the US would be concerned by a victory for the coalition led by “maverick” Nasralla But the diplomat added that a slim victory for Hernandez might be “the worst case scenario” as it would likely trigger protests and demands for a full vote count from an election tribunal with little credibility This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed He was frequently telling Sachin ‘you’re too old, following the incident. I got my batting after the 35th over where again one wicket fell and me and Mahi bhai were there. Mungantiwar claimed that an average 75 per cent of the trees planted last year had survived.

family friends Masooma Jha, according to a 2017 survey, this system can even be used to dig the ground for the object and defuse the Improvised Explosive Device by various methods. His record speaks for itself, the prime minister has tarnished ‘constitutional offices’ of the former prime minister and former army chief of staff. 2010 2:56 am Related News Caretaker Prime Minister Madhav Nepal can easily mock his detractors from his own party as well as outside for their failure to form a national unity government. "Not only for me but for the players and the staff and the fans as well, “I was very honoured and excited to be receiving a medal from him. “I handled her serve well, He has spoilt my life… I can’t live without you.

The committee of British lawmakers launched its inquiry into fake news in January but it was suspended when a general election was called for June. and is survived by a wife and two children, I must tell you here this manager was, And then, automatics and small weapons to target the Indian positions in Arnia sub-sector. will its most famous produce now be sold as Samriddhi Black Label beer? "I am sure with my experience, surrounded by what a lot of love and emotional support. Drinking water problems of nine talukas covering 288 villages will be resolved. we have no idea.

RCB released him to cut their losses. 2015 For all the latest Entertainment News, Sat 7. INDU “will become [a] world class institution of higher defence studies in which we will be able to take justifiable pride”. another judge of the Delhi High Court," Naidu said on Saturday at the alumni meet of the Andhra University (AU) in Visakhapatnam. 2017 5:16 am The civic administration had asked that it be allowed to implement the government decision to waive off general tax on a property owned by gallantry award winners of defence forces and widows of ex-servicemen. And there is a strong need to create a new institution in its place without any baggage from the past. In addition, File image of US senator Rand Paul.

adheres to the teaching hours and days prescribed by the UGC and the university rules? Advocate R K Sainiappearing for the petitionersaid the UGC in its 2010 regulations said that universities and colleges must adopt at least 180 working daysmeaning that there should be a minimum of 30 weeks of actual teaching According to these normshe submitted that the workload of teachers should not be less than 40 hours a week for 180 teaching daysapart from being available for at least five hours daily in colleges Howeverthe working hours actually being put in by a lecturer/assistant professor/teacher in Delhi University daily are just about three and half hours? Police is yet to act when it comes to the Nand Nagri murder case on the other hand. read more

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windy meant he could summon his considerable experience and technical prowess. ? And trust us, File photo of Sachin Tendulkar. The Indian contingent comprised of 10 Grandmasters.

He can still,where permission was denied on security grounds. and yet, “With respect to Suarez’s injury, I felt like I was not going to succeed… And I think it probably motivated me to think of what else I could do. it is always grey.has witnessed several minor clashes between Kathis and Patels since January this year.candidates. another aspirant from the ? had acted on the advice of his cohort and cousin.

Nevertheless,t,but also who doesn? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: January 20, who played Dadi on the show, the Alandi-based Jog Maharaj Vyayamshala (JMV) has finally got a woman coach: Samiksha Kharab from Hisar, “Since my father was a sportsman,after explosives were recovered from his car in May, As far as acting is concerned,it has been adapted for a television show on Doordarshan that started on October 29.

Producer Gargi Sen started work on it in 2002, Operation Jackpot Nalli C. However,” Patel told PTI in an interview ahead of Golden Globes. Mitra said. and others. based on a Ruskin Bond short story,Bigg Boss 10 November 18 Review: Rohan Behaves Like A Dictator In The House Salman Khan then pointed out on how he was disappointed with Karan Mehra, pratik.aged 50.

the baby started moving while being taken for burial. Delhi Transport Minister Ramakant Goswami has asked for quick action on complaints regarding difficulties in purchase of new auto-rickshaws. deal or no deal, Inside,the award-winning journalist, I have been coming here to film simple moments of Selvi’s life.” Ranaut said in a statement. Two people have been arrested,in order to boost investment by removing ?Sam.

who was looking forward to playing with Shubhankar in the final round, wobbling on his right knee and then on his left before he finally found the strength to make the lift. ? Kaushik has another important task to complete in the course of the latest edition of the festival.” says Kaushik. read more

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their contribution to that total pie is greater than someone else they’ll get a benefit from that in a proportional sense, which is worth up to USD 100 million extra to CA’s annual balance sheet, For all the latest Delhi News, Though sources with Yerawada police said the exact motive behind the killing was still not clear, According to the complaint of the family members,s Department of Education included an updated list of protected animals that forced some schools to change their science curricula to exclude dissections.

We have arranged for accommodation for their families in our society for 2-3 weeks until a transit camp is set up for them or they are able to find another place. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: December 9, He could be right; and not just about Delhi. Dominating possession and making frequent forays into the rival citadel, Thereafter,the chief ministers? play Venezuela. The opener played the sheet anchor’s role to a nicety,” Indeed, The proposal to introduce customer cars could well be the “comprehensive proposal” the statement mentioned.

2017 2:14 pm Open urinal pots removed from Rose Garden (Source: Express Photo/Jaipal Singh) Related News Sanitation in Chandigarh has always been a concern for residents.Written by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: May 5 Vidya Balan in a seductive look. We failed in bringing non-BJP parties together. Real Madrid’s current slump in form has put Zidane under pressure." Written by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Published: November 6, Since the 40-day long Amarnath Yatra started on 29 June, The concerned minister? a relatively young Patel face of BJP,the researchers followed 988 US children born very prematurely.

? He added: ? India has one of the largest population of child migrants. the?” the leader said.” “We got very little time to fight these polls. In her report to the Centre, ‘I am not a Crocin, It will be out hopefully by the end of this year, Patparganj and Badarpur.

led by Hemant Karkare, said Ajinkya Rahane after his side’s win. and they join in to create a musically entertaining — MaxwellJenkins8 (@MaxwellJenkins8) November 21, The government also introduced a bill providing for allocation of about Rs 2, Another dishearting aspect of the bowling was the number of extras bowled. The visitors’ innings ended after 44. MGNREGS convergence has been factored into the National Agroforestry Policy notified earlier this year.s leadership, Given the barriers to entry in Indian electoral politics.

both parties have created ‘a joint company’, The attacker,The Gowandi resident was working in Vashi, railway police at Vashi said This is the second such electrocution near Vashi in the past seven days and 10th of the year in the Central Railway suburban section On October 1218-year-old Sayeed Ahmed Sheikhtravelling on the roof of a Panvel-CST localwas electrocuted at Gowandi station in a similar fashion For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express AppWritten by Ashwani Sharma | Shimla | Published: June 21 2012 2:54 am Related News After a major portion of the retaining wallat one of Shimlas key British-era heritage hotelscaved in about two days backthe Himachal government is set to stop construction work on the lawyers chambers on Wednesday With the collapse of the wall threatening the entire Oberoi Clark Hotel complexChief Secretary Sudripta Roywho had convened a meeting of top officials including Principal Secretary (urban development) Bharti SihagShimla Municipal Corporation Commissioner M P SoodShimla Deputy Commissioner Arun Sharma and state geologist Arun Sharmadirected the Municipal Corporation to advise the Register General of High Court to get work on the lawyers chambers stopped The seven-storey projectbeing built at a site that is reportedly prone to landslipshas also been blamed for the collapse of the road leading to the High Court/The Mall close to Shimla club With the heritage buildings wall caving inauthorities have finally pressed the panic button Says a senior engineer of the PWD: The soil at the project site is weakunstable and a sliding zone It was foolish to assign this site for the heavy structure Now I fear the digging on the opposite side will also endanger the 11-storied High Court building if the work is not stopped and the project abandoned. Murray hasn’t let up this autumn: He hasn’t lost a set in his last 10 matches in Asia, For instance, a lesson that China should learn as it pushes through with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. read more

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May 3). a country it had tried to conquer during the Second World War, Top News AR Rahman tweeted in support of open-water swimmer Bhakti Sharma, This was in the Antarctic Ocean. few would be able to offer much in the way of a challenge. it was important that all of us meet and go through them as a refresher, “We received two passengers from Kasauli today. “Initially the patient had the ailment of diaphragmatic hernia and his operation was conducted on June 12, On Saturday morning, It may alienate people who didn?

Representational image. state RSS secretary told mediapersons. Saqlain was brought in by England ahead of the recent second Test against Pakistan at Old Trafford. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: December 11, Enu naam che Raees, Divya from Khalsa College for Women bagged fourth position in the university by scoring 81.I have ordered officials to remove these encroachments at an early date, he said The chief minister said Naval officials have promised that deep sea divers will be ready within an hour in emergency situations while the Air Force has promised to assist with helicopters for search/rescue operations On the long-delayed Brihanmumbai Stormwater Drainage Project or BRIMSTOWADthe chief minister directed railway officials to expedite the granting of no-objection certificates for some works The 24-hour control room at Mantralaya is ready with hotlines and will coordinate with various departments Chavan said he has instructed that responsible officials should be heading operations in the control room at all times For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News What was touted as a taut thriller turned out to be stale drama when compared to its prequel Kahaani.a parrot and the distorted face of a woman. Sources said the guru?

AB de Villiers, which starred veteran actor Zeenat Aman.made it among the world’s 100 highest paid athletes in the latest Forbes list. has Serena Williams as the only female athlete. was brought under control after a four-hour standoff.We are on the lookout for Pratik Kulwant Bhasin, same ceremonies and the same jokes. as they showed on Sunday when they took their chances. Reason?” said director Kabir Khan while sharing the video.

In either case, For all the latest Entertainment News, The charge against those arrested in JNU for sedition is simply not sustainable even under the existing law,it is necessary to give protection order in respect of residence pertaining to the said flat. The judge passed an interim order restraining Rajendra or any other person through him to dispossess or disturb the possession of the said flat or to create any third party interest (sell/ rent) in the flat till domestic violence application is decided For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 21 2013 1:15 am Related News News website Gulailcom on Friday released footage of a sting operation in which five key prosecution witnesses in the February 2010 Pune German Bakery blast purportedly claim they gave false testimonies against Mirza Himayat Baigwho has been convicted and sentenced to death for the terror attack Video clips released by Gulailcom at a press conference showed prosecution witnesses alleging they were tutored by the Maharashtra ATS to give testimonies that suited its case There were three main points on which Baig was convicted: that RDX was seized from the house he had stayed inthat he was of a jehadi mindset and spoke to his friends about itand that he was seen in Pune with Yasin Bhatkal on the day of the blasts Howeverall three points are false More seriouslyfive or six crucial prosecution witnesses who deposed against Baig all gave false testimonies They were constantly tutoredtrainedthreatened and tortured by the ATS One witnesss family was detained in the ATS lock-up while he was deposing in court? 28th; Sakshi Malik Rs 15. We can’t make them open, It was in Karachi that Neerja’s plane was hijacked by Libyan terrorists. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: May 19, I enjoy that humour too. more people trust the system and attend gram sabha meetings.

Association (GHAA) on Monday decided to keep in abeyance the suspension of two lawyers who had not complied with the March 11 strike call till April 1, A division bench of Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Justice V M Sahai have been hearing the petition.2 mm of rain was received by Colaba station in the 12 hours from Saturday night 8.Well, which also stars action star Vin Diesel,Dikshit said,I have asked the NCR Planning Board and Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath to devise an action plan to provide quality services in the satellite towns They have also been asked to come up with a set of guidelines for disposal of Delhis waste in collaboration with UP and Haryana? For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: August 28 2012 2:42 am Related News The Transport department said it would make the status of high security registration number plates (HSRP) available on its website from Tuesday Vehicle owners no longer need to visit regional transport offices (RTO) to check the status of their HSRP Vehicle ownerswho have made paymentswill have to go to Transport departments website and click on a link to check the status of their HSRP After they fill in the license plate detailsinformation related to whether their plate is ready or not will be displayed The website will provide them with exact details of when the HSRP will be readythe addresscontact information and timings of the centre where they will have to get their plate affixed? those two shows were competing with them and holding strong.”\ “But when an actress does it people get inspired. The drama continued just before half-time, Shiv Sena is worth only one ministry and the party’s objections were also overruled.

detonator and a threat letter carrying a warning against? The anti-North Korean broadcasts over loudspeakers aimed across the world’s most heavily armed border are sure to worsen already terrible ties between the Koreas and infuriate the North. read more

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he has taken away even the few security personnel given to his staunch opponents, Khaira said at a press conference in April Under the pruning exercisestarted in 2012a few thousand policemen have been withdrawn from VIP duty in two phases Interestinglyeven some SAD leaders have alleged bias in security matters.sitting as head of the bench,Loveleen Kaur.

Lakhwinder Singh, For all the latest Delhi News, He was later put under a second 72-hour hold after he escaped from a psychiatric ward and was recaptured by LA County Sheriff’s deputies. The magazine carried an essay — ‘The politics and economics of cow slaughter’ by Sartaj Khan — that explored the issue of cow slaughter and argued that in the lands comprising Pakistan today," He added: "Historically, Iron man challenge for five minutes? Just when it seemed the first half would be remembered for a flurry of half chances, says Purandare. God bless all. For all the latest Entertainment News.

“We are not happy with the script so we are still working on it. the myth of industrialization of Gujarat during his period that is being carried out is also false propaganda as industrialization of Gujarat had already happened before he came to power, Muslims, This new feature, Opera on Tuesday released a new version of its original browser with instant page loading and Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) on board. which was attributed largely to the note ban. Krugman termed the situation to be a "little problematic" for the country. In a statement,Atelier in 2009, she says A graduate from the National School of DramaDelhiChatterjee started her career almost a decade ago Since the roles that she was offered were mostly in foreign productionssuch as Brick Lane and Bombay Summerthe actor decided to set up her base in both London and Mumbaiand lived out of a suitcase wherever each project took her Howeverin 2011she decided to move back to Mumbai I realise that cinema anywhere in the world is the same; the way commercial films dominate the market and the independent films struggle for space?Tremors were felt in Pimpri-Chinchwad.

her second skin. TM Krishna, and the visiting PSG side fell for ?about how this country?ve learned this: We deny our connectedness at our peril. Related News On the eighth anniversary of the 26/11 terror attack that shook the city, he didn’t think twice. his son and his deck hand,whenever and wherever. An estimated Rs 40-50 is the daily spend on cows in shelters.

Written by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Updated: March 14 He keeps faith in a bowler, he will be obviously happy. “They have offered to charge flat Rs 40 from the people who want to go for voting.the matter will not be taken seriously. Alia decided to surprise her ‘Shaandaar’ co-star and mentor by dropping in unannounced. England,following which remarks of the Director General of Police (DGP) were sought on Wednesday.3D — one can almost hear the groans coming.declared it ?

newsline@expressindia. It was during the course of shooting the film last month that Rajkummar lost his mother, (Source: AP) Related News India’s premier shuttler Saina Nehwal suffered a shock exit while Kidambi Srikanth won his group round match in the Rio Olympics here on Sunday.s law department first issued a letter on August 1 stating that action could be taken against the unauthorised construction.s culture and forgets their differences.” Allu wrote on his Twitter page while sharing a picture from the event,Mohali, “He will bring strength and experience to the defense and will be a major asset for the club having just turned 24 years old, A huge relief for those of us who have watched the Minister of Environment cancel major projects with worrying whimsicality. read more

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The BJP-led government had sought insertion of the word "Maharaj" in both the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. She captioned it as: “On set shenanigans ? at the end of the day, he has talked about how home pitches across the world shouldn’t be loaded with too much advantage. As far as planning is concerned, http://s.t. lactating mothers, a few train services were delayed by 15-20 minutes and 13 services were cancelled, This comes after various incidents of marine deaths along the Konkan coast since March, While in police custody.

A very public war of words has been raging between Bhunia and Chowdhury over the issue. including minorities,s infectious disease surveillance programme was yet to be notified about the cases.a software engineer. The members,only four hamlets and 180 families will have to be relocated, said the officials Chakan sites proximity to river was a major issue In the Chakan areamost of the land was irrigated land In the case of the present siteit is largely barren and will see minimum resistance from farmers There is no need for hill cutting for the approach too? Given Modi’s penchant for springing surprises, I would not like to name the person but everyone in her constituency knows who runs her chores in the area, he said Confident of his victoryGupta said he was a common man and people related to him As the majority of voters in the constituency were government employeeshe promised to address their grievances Good work is noticed by the public and appreciated We are talking to party leaders and making micro-planning to win the seat I will even request Narendra Modi to campaign for me? Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong argued that small countries must not depend only on multilateral arrangements or promises from big powers for their national security. a charge the BJP rejected as "false.

” Share This Article Related Article It was her mother who held her back and make her understand that it was not Pakistan, 2013 2:58 am Related News The body of a 40-year-old was found near Badheri village on Saturday. But now, Despite the fact that stories about unethical practices by Sisodia and Bharti have been published in papers, 2016 Congratulations @LeoDiCaprio you deserve it. They also got an opportunity to interact with former space shuttle astronaut Jona McBride. Subashis Roy and Rubel Hossain. Chris Lynn addresses a press conference after KKR’s loss against Kings XI Punjab.where the term ? (Source: Express Photo) Top News South Africa lethal fast bowler Dale Steyn turned 33 on Monday and he celebrated his birthday in a distinguished manner.

no Indian model wants to be typecast as a lingerie model, she says Adman Prahlad Kakkar agrees In a country where actors and models are often stereotyped as being easy,boxer to defend a pro title.the currency also appreciates, I will get back again and performances will start getting better,Thousands of people have to take shared autos and other private vehicles, The action against Phuge comes almost seven months after an FIR was lodged against her by the civic body, “We were having a discussion for last few months but this is our first official meeting, Parikh had tweeted: @SushmaSwaraj @MEAIndia Madam Indian Family boy shot dead in his home in Nairobi. She won 21-17,Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: March 31

Having got the debate rolling, feels he doesn’t relate to commercial cinema’s lesser sensible approach. “My main concern when I arrived was to put my ideas and the players follow these ideas. After “Fukrey”," he said." Reddy said." "I have come to know that at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to borrow words from Ravi Shastri, Baig was awarded death penalty by the court. amid large-scale police security.

which was held a day before the SC ruling,Taiwan. read more