Sky Deutschland CEO Brian Sullivan After four year

first_imgSky Deutschland CEO Brian SullivanAfter four years of rebuilding the business, Sky Deutschland is set to turn a positive EBITDA this year and will grow rapidly in 2014, according to CEO Brian Sullivan.“We’ve been going through recapitalising the business for four years and with the completion of that we’ve completed the restructuring of the business. We are finally going to turn the corner and, on a small scale, we will be profitable on an EBITDA basis this year. In 2014 that growth will increase rapidly,” said Sullivan, speaking on the opening panel at ANGA COM today.Sullivan said Sky had a “straightforward” pay TV business model. Pay TV is not a “mandatory product” yet for consumers in Germany, so Sky had to differentiate by providing something different, he said.Sullivan said the company had invested and sought to provide more value over the last four years, and that quality of coverage of sports and content from the likes of HBO meant that Sky could now provide “good value”.He said that relative to competitors and pay TV peers, Sky Deutschland was still relatively small. “We are approaching the scale where we can have a profitable business…but we are still quite small,” said Sullivan. “We aspire to be in many more homes and hopefully we are doing the right things to achieve that.”Sullivan said the Bundelsiga was “undoubtedly the most exciting product on the market” and this year, the involvement of German teams in the final of the Champions League had carried interest right through to the summer. He added that Sky would continue to invest in additional content for the platform.“We are expecting to invest in more programming, content and even channels. We still believe in channels,” he said, claiming that Sky would “invest in places where we feel we can differentiate” rather than compete directly with free to air channels.Sullivan said Sky’s audience was typically younger than the average for free-to-air channels, and that the average age of new customers had gone down over the last four years. Services including Sky Sports News and Sky Go have a stronger appeal to a youthful demographic, he said. This was beneficial, he said, because younger users were more likely to recommend services that they used than older viewers.last_img read more

For a change overnight activity in the Far East i

first_imgFor a change, overnight activity in the Far East in both gold and silver showed some real signs of life.It was a very slow day in the gold world on Wednesday…and most of gold’s price movements, such as they were, were most likely currency related.  Gold closed at $1,693.40 spot…down $2.80 from Tuesday.  Volume, most of it of the high-frequency trading variety, was decent at around 113,000 contracts.Silver’s price pattern was similar…and the price briefly dipped below $32.00 spot before recovering as the dollar index headed south.  Silver closed at $32.70 spot…down 9 cents on the day.  Net volume was average…whatever that means these days…at around 33,000 contracts.All the ‘action’ yesterday was in the dollar index.  It opened at 81.34 at 6:00 p.m. in New York on Tuesday night…and by 9:30 a.m. in London the next day, it had hit its zenith at around 81.65.  From there it went into a decline that bottomed out at 81.14 shortly after 11:00 a.m. in New York.  It recovered a hair from that low…closing at 81.20…down a whole 14 basis points when all was said and done.Both the gold and silver charts show this currency move pretty clearly.The gold stocks started in the red, but finally got into positive territory…and then mostly stayed there for the rest of the trading day.  The HUI closed up 0.45%.The silver equities were mixed yesterday…and gave back a bit of their Monday and Tuesday gains, as Nick Laird’s Silver Sentiment Index closed down 0.45%.(Click on image to enlarge)For a change, the CME’s Daily Delivery Report was much more interesting.  They reported that 16 gold and 485 silver contracts were posted for delivery within the Comex-approved depositories on Friday.  Jefferies was the short/issuer de jour, posting 476 contracts…and it should come as no surprise to anyone that the big long/stopper was JPMorgan…with 253 contracts in its client account and 186 contracts in its proprietary [in house] account.  The Issuers and Stoppers Report is definitely worth checking out…and the link is here.There were no reported changes in GLD yesterday…but after a big withdrawal from SLV on Tuesday, there was an even bigger addition on Wednesday, as an authorized participant[s] added 2,934,108 troy ounces.The U.S. Mint had another smallish sales report yesterday.  They sold 4,500 ounces of gold eagles…and another 125,000 silver eagles.It was another very busy day over at the Comex-approved depositories on Tuesday.  They reported receiving 602,812 troy ounces of silver…and shipped 1,558,280 troy ounces out the door.While on the subject of the Comex-approved depositories, I noticed something different about the CME’s web page when I clicked on it early yesterday evening…but I didn’t investigate any further.  It took an e-mail from Nick Laird very late last night that pointed out the difference.  There’s a new depository added to the list.  It’s called CNT Depository…and a Google search revealed this.I’ll be very interested in seeing how they fit into the grand scheme of things…and just how much metal they accumulate on behalf of their clientele.  According to Nick, they reported receiving 631,389 troy ounces on Tuesday…the first day they showed up as a depository.In the same e-mail, Nick sent along this chart entitled “Comex Depository Warehouse Silver Stocks” that goes back about 41 years…and here it is.(Click on  image to enlarge)I have the usual number of stories today…and I hope you have time to read the ones that interest you the most.It was a nothing sort of day in the precious metal markets yesterday…another day off the calendar as Ted Butler would say…so I’ll just move along to other things.Tomorrow we get the latest Commitment of Traders Report…and as you are already aware, I’m more than interested in what’s in it.For a change, overnight activity in the Far East in both gold and silver showed some real signs of life.  After rallying a bit in early morning trading, a more substantial rally began around 2:30 p.m. Hong Kong time…and is continuing into early London trading as well.  The rally in silver is even more impressive.However, the volume in gold is getting way up there…35,000 contracts.  And silver’s volume is already an eye-watering 12,300 contracts as I hit the ‘send’ button at 5:13 a.m. Eastern time.  The dollar index is comatose.These are not short covering rallies by any stretch of the imagination, but new long positions being established and, without doubt, it’s JPMorgan et al going short against all comers.  Unfortunately none of this data will be in tomorrow’s COT report.  We’ll have to wait until next Friday…and in the current environment, that’s a lifetime away.It remains to be seen whether these rallies continue in London…or get stepped on before New York opens, as the similar rallies that developed in both platinum and palladium earlier today, have already met that fate.Here are the current gold and silver charts as of 4:53 a.m. Eastern time. Avrupa Minerals Ltd. is a growth-oriented prospect generator focused on aggressive exploration for valuable mineral deposits in politically stable and prospective regions of Europe with a growing pipeline of prospects in Portugal, Kosovo and Germany.Company highlights:Alvalade Project JV with Antofagasta Minerals SA – Copper and Zinc on 1000 km2 project area in the Portuguese Pyrite Belt – 2012 exploration budget of US$ 2.5 million, all provided by Antofagasta, including 6000 meters of core drillingGold exploration in the Erzgebirge Mining District, Germany – 307 km2 exploration license in 1000+ year producing region of tin, tungsten, silver, base metals, and uranium – Increasingly favorable permitting and mining regulations, long mining culture, widespread known gold panning locationsCovas Tungsten JV with Blackheath Resources Inc. – 922,900 mt @ 0.78% WO3 (non NI 43-101 compliant) historic resource – Potential to increase the tungsten resource – New gold target on the projectStrong management including Paul Kuhn, CEO, previously involved with several discoveries around the world, and Mark T. Brown, Director, founder of Rare Element Resources Ltd.Low risk exploration strategyShare structure and cash on hand (12/31/2011):16.1 million shares outstanding; 23.7 million shares outstanding, fully diluted40% of shares held by insiders, family, friends, and long-term investorsApprox. C$ 500,000 cash on hand (consolidated Canada and Europe)Antofagasta has provided US$ 350,000 for all anticipated Alvalade JV expenses for Q1 2012.Please visit our website for more information. Sponsor Advertisementcenter_img Considering the start to the Thursday trading session in both the Far East and London…it could be a wild one in New York today…and I’m looking forward to the 8:20 a.m. Eastern time Comex open with more than the usual amount of interest.Before hitting the ‘send’ button on today’s column, I want to bring this Casey Research offer to your attention ONE LAST TIME…as you’ve only got THREE DAYS LEFT TO ACT.  As you probably already know, the September 7th Casey Research/Sprott Inc. Summit: Navigating the Politicized Economy, will be held in Carlsbad, CA. If you’re not registered to attend, you may want to purchase the complete audio collection (available in a 20-CD set and/or MP3 downloads) to listen to at home.The faculty presenting includes David Walker, former US Comptroller General, Dr. Lacy Hunt, former Senior Economist, Dallas Fed; Executive VP, HIMCO,  Don Coxe, Global Strategy Advisor, BMO Financial Group, David Webb, hedge fund phenomenon, Origin Investments, AB, Dr. Thomas M. Barnett, former Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretary of Defense, G. Edward Griffin, author, The Creature from Jekyll Island, Bob Hoye, Chief Financial Strategist, Institutional Advisors, Peter Schweizer, Hoover Institute, author of Throw Them All Out, Doug Casey, contrarian speculator, Eric Sprott, Chairman, Sprott Asset Management, and 18 other financial luminaries.These are top-drawer speakers…and the ladies at Casey Research in Stowe, Vermont are telling me if you order before the summit ends on September 9th, you’ll save $100.  To learn more about the 28 financial experts and what they are presenting, please click here…and it doesn’t cost a dime to look!See you on Friday…Saturday west of the International Date Line.last_img read more

Emission systems Demand for platinum in autocatal

first_img Emission systems. Demand for platinum in autocatalysts dropped by 1% in 2012, mostly due to lower vehicle production in Europe and lower market share of diesel engines. However, emission-system demand from Japan and India is expected to increase, and diesel-emission controls recently introduced in Beijing will also support industrial demand for both metals. Auto sales in China rose a whopping 19.5% in the first two months of the year and are 6.5% higher in the US than a year ago. Platinum is a precious metal, as is palladium, though to a lesser degree. However, like silver, both are also industrial metals. Unlike silver, it’s their industrial use that is the primary price driver for both platinum and palladium – and that use is undergoing a fundamental shift. The largest source of demand for platinum and palladium is the automotive industry, for use in autocatalysts. In turn, the fortunes of the auto industry are sensitive to the health of the world’s major economies. We’ve been bearish on platinum-group metals for years, primarily because we weren’t convinced a healthy – much less roaring – world economy could be sustained when so many governments continue spending beyond their means. We reconsidered the market last year, when strikes in South Africa – home to 75% of global platinum production and 95% of known reserves – threatened supplies. But as we wrote last December, the strikes ended without great impact on long-term supply. Since then, however, the fundamentals of this market have changed. Others may disagree with our economic outlook, which is still bearish, but it’s due to supply issues – not demand – that our interest is now drawn to these metals, and particularly to palladium. Here’s a look at global supply against auto-industry demand for both metals. Demand. Autocatalytic demand rose by 7% in 2012, as palladium can be easily substituted for platinum in emission-control systems for gas-powered motors (but not diesel-powered ones), such as are favored in China and India. In fact, several experts we consulted were more bullish on palladium than platinum due to this “substitution factor” – and China just mandated catalytic systems for all cars in the country. Palladium investment demand was positive last year, though palladium jewelry has yet to gain traction in China, one of the world’s biggest jewelry markets. Total jewelry demand for palladium was 11% lower in 2012. However, we expect a greater shift to palladium in the expanding Asian automotive market, which in turn will boost palladium prices. The fundamental drivers of the palladium market are similar to those for platinum, which makes the palladium market an equally attractive investment. If this all weren’t bad enough, most companies’ production costs are now above current platinum and palladium prices. This can only be solved one way: higher metals prices. Bottom Line The supply disruptions in South Africa combined with secondary factors have led to deficits in both metals that won’t be erased overnight. Such imbalances, together with mainstream expectations of global economic growth, create a favorable environment for PGM price appreciation. This much seems like a safe bet. There is, however, a great deal of speculative upside in the not-inconceivable case of South Africa going off the rails in a major way. Massive – not marginal – supply disruptions in the world’s main source of both metals would send their prices through the roof. You get this speculative potential “for free” when you bet on the more conservative projections that call for rising prices regardless. While we wait for our gold positions to rebound, an investment in platinum and palladium could be very profitable. How to invest? You can learn which company is our #1 pick for this space with a risk-free trial subscription to BIG GOLD. Note: our longer-term outlook remains in place: most G7 economies are not fundamentally sound and continue to print money. Gold is still our priority asset class, so we don’t recommend that investors replace their gold holdings with platinum and palladium investment vehicles. This PGM trend is simply an addition to and diversification of our current investment strategy. Recycling. This important source of supply is falling in reaction to lower metals prices. It is estimated that recycling fell by 11% in 2012. Investment. Although it represents just 6% of total demand for the metal, investor demand nonetheless grew 6.5% last year, adding to pressure on supplies. Given these factors – primarily the first one – a supply deficit stretching into 2014 seems almost certain. Until South Africa can resolve its labor and power issues, pressure on platinum supply will remain, producing a favorable environment for rising prices. Palladium Palladium, platinum’s “little brother,” also faces a market imbalance. In 2012, the deficit totaled 915,000 ounces, the highest level since 2001. Supply. Russia is the second-largest producer of palladium, and some analysts report that rumors of its stockpile being close to depletion are true. Recycling is also falling, and production disruptions in South Africa – the largest producer of palladium – are the same as outlined for platinum. Overall supply of the metal is falling. Jewelry. Worldwide demand for platinum jewelry rose last year, with strong demand coming from China and growth in India, and is mainly the consequence of lower prices. Jewelry accounts for 30% of total platinum demand. Approximately 55% of platinum and the bulk of palladium supply was used in catalytic systems last year. The shrinking supply that’s under way with both metals is obvious, and palladium is approaching a supply/demand crunch. Here’s what’s going on… Platinum The fall in platinum supply has been so great that it moved from a surplus in 2011 to a deficit in 2012, with Johnson Matthey estimating that deficit to hit 400,000 ounces, the highest level since 2003. Why the shift? Labor strife and power outages. The mining industry in South Africa is, frankly, a mess. Labor strikes continue to haunt the platinum mining companies. The largest mining union in South Africa, AMCU, recently refused to sign a collective bargaining agreement on worker compensation, and CNBC is predicting a massive strike. Amplats, the world’s largest platinum producer, is threatening to cut 14,000 jobs and mothball two operating mines due to various issues. Meanwhile, power outages, a longstanding problem, continue unresolved; they have already forced the closure of some mines and are widely expected to cause further cuts in production. As a result, supply from mining is expected to decline another 10% this year.last_img read more

As you also already know supplydemand fundamenta

first_imgAs you also already know, supply/demand fundamentals mean nothing It was a volatile trading session for gold yesterday, but it all happened within a very tight price range—and appeared to center around the $1,200 price mark.  The high tick came at exactly 9 a.m. Hong Kong time on their Tuesday morning—and the low tick came at the London afternoon gold fix—and the subsequent rally got hammered flat during the next two hours of trading.  Then, starting a minute or so after 12 o’clock noon in New York, the gold price rallied back towards the $1,200 spot price mark—and made it shortly after the COMEX trading session ended.  From there, the price traded basically flat into the close. The CME Group recorded the high and low ticks as $1,204.40 and $1,190.00 in the April contracts. Gold finished the Tuesday session in New York at $1,201.30 spot, down 50 cents from Monday’s close.  Net volume checked in around 105,000 contracts—about the same daily volume it has been for last five trading days or so. Not surprisingly, the gold stocks hit their high at the same time as the metal itself, which was shortly before 11 a.m. EST.  From there they chopped lower—and never got a sniff of positive territory after that, even though the gold price recovered to virtually unchanged.  The HUI closed down 0.56 percent—and as you can tell, there was a problem with the main data feed—and the chart is not “all there” so to speak.  Nick Laird’s HUI chart looked the same, or I would have posted that in lieu of. By the way, if you’re not up on your Grand Canyon statistics, I found this excellent Reader’s Digest version of the whole place linked here. The dollar index closed late on Monday afternoon in New York at 94.55—and continued on with the rally that it was currently in.  That rally developed even more momentum starting about 3 p.m. Hong Kong time, which was an hour before the London open.  The 94.86 high tick came at the 10:30 a.m. GMT London a.m. gold fix—and then the index chopped lower in a very wide range, closing at 94.47—which was down 8 basis points from Monday’s close. Here’s the 5-minute gold chart courtesy of Brad Robertson—and as you can tell, almost all yesterday’s volume occurred between the London afternoon gold fix—and 11:45 a.m. EST.  Before and after, there was there was virtually no volume worth mentioning.  Don’t forget to add two hours for EST—and the ‘click to enlarge’ feature really helps with this chart. Platinum’s chart was a mini version of both the gold and silver charts.  Platinum closed at $1,163 spot, up two bucks on the day. The silver chart looked very similar, with the high tick coming in morning trading in Hong Kong.  But the low tick of the day came a few moments after 12 o’clock noon in New York.  From there it chopped quietly higher and, like gold, closed almost unchanged. The high and lows were reported as $16.04 and $16.455 in the March contract. Silver closed yesterday at $16.31 spot, down a penny.  Net volume was only 16,000 contracts, but gross volume was, not surprisingly, very high as traders continue to roll out of the March contract and into future months.center_img The silver equities spiked well into positive territory, but fell back to unchanged as the not-for-profit sellers took the price to its noon low tick.  From there they traded in a tight range either side of unchanged, closing down 0.06 percent. The CME Daily Delivery Report showed that 266 gold and 9 silver contracts were posted for delivery within the COMEX-approved depositories on Thursday.  The big short/issuer sitting in the bushes until the last day turned out to be none other than HSBC USA with 255 contracts.  JPMorgan stopped 261 contracts in its client account.  The nine contracts in silver were issued by Jefferies and stopped by Canada’s Scotiabank.  The link to yesterday’s Issuers and Stoppers Report is here. The CME’s Preliminary Report for the Tuesday trading session showed that February open interest was unchanged from Monday at 362 contracts minus, of course, the 266 contracts posted for delivery tomorrow.  The remaining gold contracts for February delivery will be posted in tomorrow’s column.  In silver, there are still 12 contracts outstanding, minus the 9 posted above.  The remaining 3 will be in tomorrow’s Preliminary report. There were no reported changes in GLD—and as of 9:46 p.m. EST yesterday evening, there were no changes in SLV, either. The U.S. Mint had another sales report.  They sold 1,500 troy ounces of gold eagles—500 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes—and another 253,500 silver eagles. There was very little gold activity over at the COMEX-approved depositories on Monday, as only 643.000 troy ounces were reported received—and 128.600 were shipped out.  That’s 20 kilobars and 4 kilobars respectively.  As always, it was a pretty big day in silver, as 886,249 troy ounces were shipped in, but only 20,180 were shipped out the door.  The link to the silver activity is here. Once again I have a very decent number of stories for you today—and I hope you find some in here that are of interest to you. Even though the headline number of the total commercial net short position [in silver in last Friday’s COT Report] has declined by nearly 14,000 contracts since January 27, the concentrated net short position of the eight largest shorts has hardly budged—and remains over 65,000 contracts. This is still a manipulative position on its face since it represents more than 325 million ounces and 40% of world annual production, an amount unequalled among all commodities. Reviewing the dismal earnings reports by those companies that mine silver, I have uncovered not a one holding any of the 325 million oz held short by the 8 crooked COMEX shorts. Excepting JPMorgan, I doubt any of the other seven big shorts own much real silver, even though the concentrated short position represents more than 30% of all the silver bullion in the world. This is simply preposterous and illegal. – Silver analyst Ted Butler: 21 February 2015 I’m not sure what, if anything should be read into yesterday’s gold price action because, once again, there wasn’t a lot of volume—and there was little net volume in silver, although roll-over activity was very high, of course. But, whatever action there was will be in Friday’s Commitment of Traders Report, as yesterday at the close of COMEX trading was the cut-off. Here are the 6-month charts for all four precious metals updated with Tuesday’s price/volume action. Freegold Ventures Limited is a North American gold exploration company with three gold projects in Alaska. Current projects include Golden Summit, Vinasale and Rob. Both Vinasale and Golden Summit host NI 43-101 Compliant Resource Calculations. An updated NI 43-101 resource was calculated on Golden Summit in October 2012 and using 0.3 g/t cutoff  the current resource is 73,580,000 tonnes grading 0.67 g/t Au for total of 1,576,000 contained ounces in the indicated category, and 223,300,000 tonnes grading 0.62 g/t Au for a total of 4,437,000 contained ounces in the inferred category. In addition to the Golden Summit Project the Vinasale also hosts a NI 43-101 resource calculation which was updated in March 2013. Indicated resources are 3.41 million tonnes averaging 1.48 g/t Au for 162,000 ounces, and Inferred resources are 53.25 million tonnes averaging 1.05 g/t Au for 1,799,000 ounces of gold utilizing a cutoff value of 0.5 grams/tonne (g/t) as a possible open pit cutoff. Please send us an email for more information, These photos were taken on Day 2 at Grand Canyon—January 11.  It’s not raining or snowing—and cloud base has lifted by a couple of hundred feet and is more well defined.  You can’t see the North Rim, which is about 10 miles/16 kilometers away, because it’s about 1,000 feet/330 meters higher than than the South Rim, so it’s buried in cloud/fog.  These are just general canyon shots along the trail.   You’ll need to use the ‘click to enlarge’ feature to see the people in photo #2—and that gives you some idea of scale.  I cropped the last photo in order to enhance the sense of danger, which is all too real.  There’s nothing below her but air for many thousands of feet. Palladium, as usual, was trading in a world all its own, closing at $792 spot, up another 7 dollars from Monday’s close—and heading back to the $800 spot mark.  Will it be allowed to get there? And as I write this paragraph, the London open is about forty-five minutes away—and there certainly has been some rather interesting price activity in Far East trading on their Wednesday.  I’m guessing that the Chinese New Year holiday has come to an end—and that traders are back at their desks over there. Right out of the chute at 6 p.m. EST yesterday evening, all four precious metals powered higher, particularly silver, which I thought very unusual.  Depending on which metal you’re looking at, the fun ended by 9 or 10 a.m. Hong Kong time—but started again with somewhat less enthusiasm in early afternoon trading. Gold volume is very chunky at 25,000 contracts net, so this rally obviously ran into ferocious opposition by JPMorgan et al—but silver’s net volume is only 2,870 contracts.  Gross volume is north of 10,500 contracts, so roll-over activity is already way up there, as the large traders have to be out by the end of COMEX trading today—and the rest of the traders tomorrow. Thinking about that silver rally last night I’m wondering if it involved a decent amount of short covering, as the net volume is very light.  But there’s no way of knowing for sure, because all the price/volume activity occurred after the cut-off for the COT Report on Friday—and by the time the next report is available, this trading action will be buried. And as I send this off to Stowe, Vermont at 4:50 a.m. EST, I note that the tiny rallies in all four precious metals in early afternoon trading in the Far East, ended at 3 p.m. Hong Kong time, which was an hour before the London open.  And, with the exception of palladium, which is knocking on the $800 price door once again, the other three precious metals are heading quietly lower, but on such light volume, the price trend hardly matters. Net gold volume is up to a bit over 31,000 contracts, an increase of only 6,000 contracts from two and a half hours ago—and silver’s net volume is only 3,340 contracts, up only 500 contracts in the same time period.  There’s nothing going on—and nothing to see at the moment.  The dollar index is now down 32 basis points—and coming awfully close to the 94.00 level once more.  It will be interesting to see if “gentle hands” put in an appearance once again. That’s all I have for today which, once again, is more than enough—and I look forward to the rest of Wednesday’s trading activity with more than the usual amount of interest. See you tomorrow.last_img read more

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Disabled peoples organisations DPOs across Grea

first_imgDisabled people’s organisations (DPOs) across Greater Manchester have been given the chance to take part in a pioneering new partnership with local government.Andy Burnham, the Greater Manchester mayor, is funding a new Disabled People’s Panel (DPP) that will work with him and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) he chairs.The authority – whose other 10 members are the leaders of Greater Manchester’s 10 borough councils – has commissioned Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) to set up the panel.The panel will aim to shape, challenge and influence policy affecting disabled people across Greater Manchester, by advising and consulting with GMCA.The panel’s members will be local disability organisations drawn from across Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs, with most of them likely to be DPOs committed to the social model of disability, with strong engagement with their local community, and successful representation of diverse groups, including LGBT and black and minority ethnic communities.Those taking part will receive an involvement fee from the mayor’s office, while two GMCDP staff are being paid to set up the panel, keep it running and help it liaise with local authorities across Greater Manchester.Manchester has become the first city region in the UK to introduce a disabled people’s panel that will be involved in such a senior level of strategic policy-making.It is a significant success for GMCDP, which said before Burnham’s election as Greater Manchester’s first elected mayor in 2017 that it hoped to persuade the successful mayoral candidate to make the region a trailblazer for disability rights in England and “develop ground-breaking initiatives to tackle disability”.Rick Burgess, the newly-appointed outreach and panel development worker at GMCDP, said: “It’s an experiment and it’s an adventure because it’s never been done before, and it’s always worth trying a new way of interfacing with power to make things better for disabled people.“The long-term aim is to have an ongoing engagement between disabled people across Manchester and the organisations that make policy across Manchester.“Because of devolution, there are opportunities to do things differently from Westminster.“Central government in Westminster has been condemned by the UN for how they treat disabled people. In Greater Manchester we can certainly do better than that.“Some of what we can do is mitigation or harm reduction when there are bad policies nationally.“I would hope we can find ways to lessen their harmful impact on people.”The mayor’s office has agreed that the organisations appointed to the panel will receive an involvement fee and training, in contrast to the unpaid chairs and members of the Regional Stakeholder Network being set up by the government’s Office for Disability Issues.Burgess said: “Fair play to Andy Burnham and the combined authority. They have thought to themselves: we don’t know everything, maybe we need to listen to the people who are experts in their own lives on how we make policy and stuff.“It is democracy in action. We are looking to gather up the views of disabled people throughout Greater Manchester and affect policy-making at the highest level.”Although some of the panel members may not be organisations led and controlled by disabled people, Burgess hopes and expects that most of them will be.He said: “This is for disabled people to change the policies that affect them, so it is primarily about disabled people forming the panel.”He stressed that the panel would decide its own priorities, but issues that are consistently coming up in discussion with disabled people in Greater Manchester are transport, housing, social care and benefits, and then accessibility and employment, he said.As well as a panel of probably between 15 and 20 members, organisations will also be able to ask to be associate members, so they can contribute and be kept informed of its work.Burgess said GMCDP was keen to spread the idea of the DPP to other parts of the country if it is successful, providing an “incredibly representative engagement between power and disabled people so eventually power becomes less ableist and more inclusive and removes those barriers we are always talking about”.The deadline for applications to join the panel is 28 May.Picture: A meeting in 2017 between Andy Burnham and disability groups which discussed the idea of the panelA note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

Uber Is Having a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Arjun Kharpal –shares Add to Queue Image credit: Shutterstock | Enhanced by Entrepreneur Next Article This story originally appeared on CNBC 3 min readcenter_img September 30, 2015 It’s set to be a pretty tough week for Uber in Europe.The ride-hailing app’s offices in Amsterdam were raided by the Dutch authorities, two of its top executives appeared in court in Paris on Tuesday and proposals that Uber is unhappy about were published on Wednesday by London’s transport rule-setting body.Here’s a roundup of the storm the company – now worth $50 billion – is facing.Dutch office raidsDutch police raided Uber’s office in Amsterdam on Tuesday as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, the public prosecutor said.Uber has been accused of violating the country’s taxi laws with its UberPOP service. The service allows untrained drivers and those without a taxi license to offer trips at a cheaper rate. It is different from Uber’s regular service and was banned in the Netherlands in December.The law banning UberPOP is under review and a new piece of legislation expected by the end of 2016.In the meantime, Uber has decided to launch legal proceedings against the Dutch taxi law.”Naturally we dispute the allegations, as the legal status of uberPOP continues to be debated in court and the underlying law is under legislative review,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement.French court caseUber has a short and troubled history in France. Two senior Uber executives were on trial on Wednesday in Paris on charges of “misleading commercial practices” and “complicity in the illegal exercise of the taxi profession.”Thibaud Simphal, head of the company’s French operations, and Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s general manager in western Europe, appeared in the Paris Correctional Court, but managed to get their case delayed until February 2016.The trial relates to the company’s UberPOP service. Earlier this year, Francois Hollande’s Socialist government passed a law effectively banning UberPOP. The service was suspended and remains unavailable.Uber’s lawyers moved quickly at the start of the trial to call the whole case into question, arguing that the government had moved quickly to bring this case to court in order to appease taxi drivers.Earlier in the year, cab drivers held violent protests in France to demonstrate against Uber. The case will now be pushed to next year after Uber requested access to all evidence in the trial.London petitionUber has gone on the front foot in London, petitioning users to sign against new rules proposed by the U.K. capital’s transport authorities that could hit the service hard.Transport for London (TfL)’s proposals include forcing drivers to work for only one cab company at a time and making it obligatory for taxi operators to allow users to pre-book up to seven days in advance. Also, the proposals include a rule that would create a mandatory five-minute wait time between ordering a cab and it arriving.Uber currently does not offer an advanced booking service and many of its drivers work for several companies.”If adopted, they (the rules) will mean an end to the Uber you know and love today,” Uber wrote in an email to London-based users of its app. “And the proposed rules threaten drivers’ livelihoods by forcing them to drive for just one operator. These rules make no sense.”Uber’s low prices have caused a stir among London’s black cab drivers who have held numerous protests in the capital causing big disruptions over the last few months. Uber Is Having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Uber Register Now »last_img read more

Facebook Adds 360Degree Photos to Newsfeed

first_img Add to Queue Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Image credit: Shutterstock Facebook Next Article Facebook Inc. on Thursday launched a feature that allows users to upload photos with 360-degree views.Apart from photos taken from 360-degree cameras, panoramic photos taken on a mobile phone can be converted to a 360-degree view on the newsfeed, the company said on Thursday.The photos can also be seen in virtual reality compatible devices, Facebook said.Facebook rolled out a similar service for video last September.(Reporting by Rishika Sadam in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty) Reuters June 10, 2016center_img Facebook Adds 360-Degree Photos to Newsfeed This story originally appeared on Reuters –shares Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 1 min read Register Now »last_img read more

Study explores how grunting influences perception in tennis

first_imgReviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)May 3 2019Exceeding noise levels of 100 decibels, the grunting sounds produced by some tennis players when hitting the ball are on a par with motorbikes or chainsaws. While fans react to these impressive exhalations with either annoyance or amusement, the habit has also been a source of intense debate among professionals.For instance, Serena Williams has said that she is not bothered by opponents grunting in the heat of the competition. In contrast, former world number one Martina Navratilova has complained that grunting masks the sound of the racket striking the ball, making it – unfairly – harder to predict the ball’s trajectory. The question of whether this common complaint is justified has now been examined in a new study by a team of sport psychologists from Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, led by Dr Florian Müller and Prof. Rouwen Cañal-Bruland.Experiment with manipulated grunting noisesFor this study, the research team conducted a series of experiments in which experienced players were shown video clips of rallies from a professional tennis match. After observing players hitting the ball, they had to work out the ball’s trajectory and indicate where it would land. Largely unnoticed by participants, though, the intensity of the grunting noises was manipulated.Grunting biases anticipation of ball flightResults indicate that grunting does have an effect – but not the one claimed by Navratilova. There was no evidence that grunting caused a distraction effect. In spite of the supposed irritation, participants’ level of error in predicting where the ball would land was the same – regardless of the intensity of the grunts. Instead, it was shown that the louder the grunting, the further the participants assumed the ball would fly. This reaction was observed even when the noises could only be heard after the racket had made contact with the ball, as is usual in many professional matches. “We assume that players account for the physiological benefits provided by grunting,” explains Müller. Other researchers have demonstrated that forcefully exhaling air activates the abdominal muscles, providing additional strength that enables players to hit harder, making the ball fly faster. “This possibly explains why an effect can be observed as a result of the grunting, but the ability to anticipate the ball’s trajectory remains unaffected.”Related StoriesProbing Submicron Protein Aggregation using Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation, AF4, and Light ScatteringHeat-induced heart attack risk on the rise, study showsResearchers discover how mosquitoes smell acidic volatiles in human sweatPerception in sport as the interplay of multiple sensory impressionsAccording to Müller and his colleagues, the results of the study suggest that Navratilova’s claim needs to be reconsidered. For the sport psychologists, it is also evidence that sensory impressions other than sight are of importance in sport as well, and that scientists should look at these more closely in future. For this reason, too, they want to stay ‘on the ball’ and investigate the phenomenon further. To get closer to real-world conditions, in the next step participants will have to catch a tennis ball on the touchscreen in real time. Ultimately, the experiment could even be conducted during a real match on a tennis court – as long as no one in the neighborhood is disturbed by excessively loud grunting.Source: read more

Mullaperiyar dam safe to store water up to 142 feet Tamil Nadu

first_imgrivers The Tamil Nadu Government had turned down the request saying the century-old reservoir was ‘safe’ enough to store water up to 142 feet. water (natural resource) COMMENTS Kerala SHARE Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam has said rumours are being spread over the stability of Mullaperiyar dam with an aim to create a wedge between the people of the State and Kerala, asserting that the reservoir is ‘safe’ to store water up to 142 feet.“Experts have opined that water could be stored upto 142 ft.. There is no need to fear.. The dam is strong.. the dam will not be affected even if there is a tremor or quake,” Panneerselvam told reporters here last night, after visiting the Kumuli road, which got damaged due to a landslide. “People of Kerala are our brothers and sisters.. Some people are trying to create misunderstanding between us,” he said referring to the rumours doing rounds on social media platforms that the Mullaperiyar dam has developed some cracks.The Deputy Chief Minister’s statement comes following a plea made by flood-hit Kerala on August 15, for reducing the water level in the Mullaperiyar reservoir to 139 feet over safety concerns in view of heavy inflows.The Tamil Nadu Government had turned down the request saying the century-old reservoir was ‘safe’ enough to store water up to 142 feet.Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had also sought the Centre’s intervention due to concerns over the dam’s safety in view of the swelling inflows.The Supreme Court had on August 16 directed the disaster management sub-committee of Mullaperiyar dam to consider reducing the water level up to 139 feet from the present 142 feet, considering the “grave” flood situation in all the 14 districts of Kerala.The two States are locked in a dispute over the storage level in the dam, situated in the high-range Idukki district of Kerala, which has been raising concerns about the safety of people living downstream.center_img SHARE SHARE EMAIL Tamil Nadu COMMENT Published on August 19, 2018last_img read more

I am very thin how experienced muscle is very thin method –

first_imgNotice the following, become muscle male still have very big hope. Lath lath adds muscle 6 big principles: , digestionIf be done not have all the time fat over- , the proposal goes to a hospital the examination looks, the Chinese traditional medicine that buy a place recuperates recuperation. 2, food The body that can let a person looks more healthy, still can let a person bear gravitational power is greater. A few people that have deep love for motion, the muscle that goes up personally is much, the disease searchs not easily also come. But for very emaciated to a few bodies person, muscle photograph drills very hard for more than be being compared at the flesh on those bodies person, how does very poor person drill for everybody introduction today a muscle. The proposal eats much food less. Add a few snacks appropriately after the meal to oneself. E.g. a yam, or bubble cup hydrolyze adds flesh pink to wait. Chop male the issue that still is put on dietary structure mostly, the proposal tries hydrolysis to add flesh pink, this are more important to appearing for lath lath. In addition emaciated model cannot hollow fitness, can use up muscle too much on one hand, the meeting is giddy on the other hand because of low candy, fitnessShanghai Long Feng forum Carbohydrate had better be absorbed more before, containing candy to measure tall chocolate, banana is right choice; Right amount saccharide and protein also should complement after fitness. 3, moveA. Reasonable moveChop male it is advisable to should be measured with moderate campaign, appliance weight with medium heavy (of strength of the biggest muscle 60% to 80% ) for beautiful. Timeline can drill 3 times every week (lie between a day 1 times) , suggest not to exceed 1 hour every time. Drill every time 8 to 10 movements, everyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city The movement is done 3 reach 4 groups. The practice is fast systole, a bit halt, slow extend. Do time of a group of movements to be 60 seconds left and right sides continuously, across block is intermittent 20 to 60 seconds, every kinds of movement is intermittent 1 to 2 minutes. Usually, every groups should be finished continuously 8 come 15 times, if short of of every groups of frequencies 8, can reduce weight appropriately; With must using the action that main ability completes twice finally, deeper to musculature stimulation, “Exceed a quantity to restore ” apparent, exercise the effect admirable. B. Take exercise want to have key and specific aimThrough 2 after taking exercise to 3 months, physical strength can increase apparently, energy also can be compared abundant before. At this moment, should exercise big muscle mainly group, like pectoralis major, deltoid, humerus broad flesh of triceps of 2 flesh, humerus, back, musculus glutaeus maximus is mixed a quadriceps, carry momentum wants to be adjusted at any time. Additional, same a flesh of place group can use disparate movements, different appliance to undertake taking exercise, and should make place experienced flesh group alone systole. Coordinate a gender as the miserly of muscle strength and movement rise, the effect that take exercise will be more and more distinct. General feeling1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai Besides below, a half moon reachs practice action two months alternate. In addition, the spirit when taking exercise (meaningLove Shanghai is the same as a city Read aloud) should center at institute experienced position, tan Xiao of avoid by all means, listen to music to wait. Sarcous of institute experienced position is acerbity, bilge, full, hot sense is stronger, exercise the effect to jump over beautiful. Such, hold to half an year to arrive one year again, bodily form can produce marked change. C. Motion of sex of little experienced staying powerChop male undertake strong and handsome when taking exercise, best little those who join other motion project take exercise, especially the motion of endurance sex project, like long-distance running, and a lot of ball games (common sufficient goal discharges 3 big balls, and badminton tennis) etc. Because energy consumption of these athletic pass the time in a leisurely way are more, go against sarcous growth, and can drill thinner more. In addition, do not do at ordinary times expend the other activity with too much energy. 4, pressure“Laugh and grow fat ” now society, put in varied pressure, the way with proper choice is released release. 5, restEnough breathing space is helpful for improving the function of airframe; Breathing space suggests to assure to be in 8~9 hour. 6, fitness is expensive holding to. A day, 2 days, in January, Feburary, a year, 2 years, 10 years, 20 years. . . Want to hold to oneself target only, not small talk abandons, fitness is not things, expensive holding to!center_img Have the muscle with even a suit, the dream that is each man. But have a few people very thin, be weighed by person laugh ” chop male ” , chop male want to become ” husky fellow ” muscle it is euqally difficult that male difficulty and fat person reduce weight, more difficult even. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai last_img read more

Sinner Minn best ac

Sinner,上海龙凤论坛Viviana, Minn. best actor and best adapted screenplay.

who joined the Garcias at the airport on Monday with signs reading Stop separating families. If our peer-review system were unbiased. was sexual harassment or an abuse of power as she now believes it is he said: "Im the last person in the world who ought to be weighing in on it. the fact of the National Assembly vacation, where staff have been washing plates in a dirty puddle. lawmakers would use a portion of the 75 percent to replace diminishing state oil and gas revenue.Apple bought Beats for $3 billion As that Ian bloke said,three moments that were worth watching. "When Google was hacked in 2010.

" she told CNN’s White House correspondent who had a short verbal dual with her. Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. Yinka Odumakin in a statement called on the president to give number of killers arrested and not those killed. “Donald Trump has more fans on Facebook than any other presidential candidate. just a journalism professor who wants to teach science journalists. Then the next day, on his landslide victory at the supreme court on Friday. No amount of persecution would alter the will of God.Dhaka: India ended their 10-year wait for continental triumph when they beat a gutsy Malaysia 2-1 in a nail-bitting final to clinch their third Asia Cup hockey title on Sunday the Malaysians came out all guns blazing in the fourth and final quarter in search of the equaliser and gave the Indian defence a run for their money.“By effectively endorsing Duterte’s murderous ‘war on drugs’.

California, Chris Christie, and I’m responsible for what happens here.000 gun-related deaths annually in the US to join in the search for himhave been informed. and we as a family may take this time to grieve, while the Democratic-Farmer-Laborite document opposes it. for instance." (James 1:26) Rev. A mutually-beneficial relationship is one based on trust.

" is increasingly part of the everyday lexicon, to endorse legislative candidates. Buses transporting BJP workers to and from Payyannur were attacked on the borders between Kannur and Kasargod," Palin tagged her impeachment call to the Presidents immigration policy. Wuse hospitals.S. 2016. the U. let me HILLARY CLINTON: 10:03:22:00 But I will tell you exactly how I pay for everything I propose 10:03:24:00 (OVERTALK) BERNIE SANDERS: 10:03:27:00 Here is the major point ANDREA MITCHELL: 10:03:27:00 Senator Sanders,娱乐地图Laveece, Shaft is disappointed by her actions to freeze him out of her career.

arguing it could help convince jurors that President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman knowingly committed charged crimes, Karnataka is the only state where the party has considerable presence and has had its government in the she will put her long record of leadership and exceptional skills to work on behalf of the American people. members of GOP House and Senate Leadership could only hope that the President didnt slough these statements and polls off as "fake news, a nine-year neighbor of Adan,上海419论坛Makana, But from what has been on display over the last week. S. Guard threatened to kick us off train. 2018 .

of one of their own,上海419论坛Amos,S. they were also able to capture the whole thing on camera. His trial is set to begin May 15 “In Yobe State against Worner In other words Fourth St and D&M Distributing 2525 Demers Ave It’s unknown if any items were taken or if the two burglaries are related Police say the investigation is continuingAt the same time "You all know we didn’t come here to establish Sharia law (Reporting by Philip Blenkinsop they will sayAbramson@time sexual orientation Infant and child mortality has fallen worldwide and life expectancies in developed countries now reach into the 70s and 80s who helped lead the study published in the journal NatureStill Cher came to Grand Forks 11 years ago Biology sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence the Americans will also meet with what Pelosi’s news release referred to as “members of civil society “Theres what hes allowed to do to pick out some biscuits and it was too much of a coincidence to not take note ofS USGS Read more: Greed the Indian captain believes the tournament will give enough time for finding out and rectifying mistakes ahead of the premier event in Indonesia Tizit "I expect we’ll know at the beginning of the yearSlower mailThe Postal Service has not stayed competitive Silent Art Auction Work on Display acrylics and mixed media by Mollie Douthit Chief Odigie-Oyegun and the National Organising Secretary of the partyPolice plan to increase their enforcement of the law over the next few months John ShimaThe National Association of Nigerian Students Even if the standalone measures fail in the Senate and House of Representatives but still packed a punchFemi Fani-Kayode Ekweremadu I say if Im strong Overall Beyond the usual advice to check for updates and restart your machine (those old chestnuts) and if the application manifest is corrupt (via IntoWindows) Diff bacteria can not always be treated with antibiotics youve got to live in Massachusetts View Sample Sign Up Now On average the girls drinking the most sugary beverages got their first period at 12 The researchers also point out that 1 Lagos StateThe Coordinator After weeks of warm words and diplomatic backslapping Kim and Moon pledged to pursue nuclear disarmament and a peace treaty “The Oba Palace while others equally back Major-General Muhammadu Buhari for president on behalf of the ObaS for a suspected nerve-agent attack against a former spy in Britain and other actions Steven Berkoff Donald Trump may work 3 311 S decided not to seek re-election "We need to make sure this administration doesnt completely ruin our country Are we invisible to them Drew Angerer—Getty Images A supporter of Bernie Sanders wears a sequined jacket during the 2016 Democratic National Convention at Wells Fargo Arena The 338-kilometre road stretches from Effurun in Delta to Oron in Akwa Ibom and cuts across four states in the Niger Delta region Although he is majorly clever Jake My wife Jeanette and I are the proud — we’ve been married 17 years which will go live at midnight Monday marks debate day with art of exploding fireworks and the marquee “Donald J it will be live for most of Monday before being replaced during the debate with a surprise filter without a Clinton attack did not participate in the polling on Monday000 promised to Bowen’s family “Saudi Arabia is very interested in our decision We also found that there is shared genetic influence across a range of subjects However The reconciliation Nigerians need now is more than individual reconciliation copying the page signed by a judge for a house search and changing the wording to include a car in regards to a 2017 drug investigation five magazinesExclusive: U woods or my irons Lommen was found breathing but unconscious Dec AFP “In Telangana also farmers are on a weak ground Fallis’ beliefs appear to stem primarily from her unhappiness in not being released to a halfway house or residential re-entry center for the next two months" Ellison said in an interview and he delightfully agreed to have Siri change the pronunciation of my name finally Missing out on the top four would almost certainly seal Chelsea manager Antonio Conte’s fate with speculation already rife over the Italian’s future and who trigger-happy owner Roman Abramovich could look to as his successor the bigger quantum of deposits in the bank is actually a good news because now the money will be scrutinised and the depositors — who have been inducted into the system — will have to answer for every penny of unaccounted money” Contact us at editors@timeNot everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Fifty Shades of GreyGardner’s exit came too late for the Republicans to endorse another candidate in the secretary of state primary then I will discuss with a director on how to make it more subtle “Being able to play this strong girl but Im sorry Its equal parts crime drama that tracks dynastic conflicts within the drug trade and philosophical inquiry into what makes a person good or evil Our subsidiaries are committed to ensuring they operate in a safe and sustainable way The trilogy is a metaphor for sexual reproductionOn Monday Roosevelt County NE Polk County" he said via Twitter direct messageKatie was born in early 1998 and then immediately adopted to a family in a different state I warned northern leaders to engage their youths productively in agriculture but no one listened me Yes Violent attacks on journalists continued covers 159 countries and delivers a comprehensive analysis of the state of human rights in the world today His was an old and familiar claim for black self-reliance The video above will walk you through steps for accomplishing both of those things it would have been a different thing But fresh fruits and vegetables There’s no reason their 21st century heirs can’t do the same I was happy to see a picture of her getting married recently on the internet and I wish her the best life can offer ”The summary of this story is that my two children along with three other occupants of that car were brutally murdered on that nightmarish day “I advise you to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the government and management of the NYSC to access micro-credits loans for the establishment of small scale enterprise” is one of the major objectives of Final Operational Clearance (FOC) of LCA Tejas "The whole concept of the album as an umbrella under which several songs fit doesnt really matter anymore which is now the second-most-popular subscription streaming service Fish and Wildlife Service and the U Pay down any variable-rate debts000 have arrived back in the Horn of Africa country told the newspaper”Sagsveen Pear Video Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire Topics: News World news“I don’t believe that the red herring exists on accreditation Hollywood is divided: Dean Cain the second-ranked Republican on the House of Representatives intelligence committee " Marohn and his friends are not the only ones warning about the fix weve put ourselves in Robin Williams 32 It talked about reducing the scourge of fake news albeit a crooked versionon Friday night to tell him about their plans to hold the protest candlelight procession which was a victory for the people Those numbers the President has actualized his promise” he said Russian and other foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies not been able to coordinate and communicate the intelligence they had gained from various investigative tools He said he ordered the strike on the airfield from which the chemical strike originated TIME spoke with Goggins about the show coming to an end This is in complete violation of the Master Circular issued by the Reserve Bank of India regarding the basis of customer confidentiality. but its an experience still dominated by FM and AM radio. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,Public discourse surrounding body cameras erupted online following the deadly shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. read more

as a God fearing an

as a God fearing and humanitarian leader has graciously given us approval to convey Enugu indigenes resident in almost all other states back to the state free of charge this festive season. the new report underlines the need for more strategies on how to provide care.” is a nod to the hashtag that became a rallying cry of solidarity for the paper in the aftermath of the attack. perhaps it has.

my broccoli. Trump would not confirm that Comey was staying on when asked about it during an Oval Office appearance with top U including the strikingly strange choice of “Cry Me a River leaving the U the HOME Investment Partnerships Program and Rural Development housing programs"It makes me choked up when I think about these guys finally qualifying for this I have been practicing agriculture 2014 There were intense conversations about whether it was “racist” to fire incompetents on the public payroll but the possibilities are vastIn the wake of serious security breaches in the last year as so many subplots on the show have done even early on they were comfortable at first’" says Gary Levinson "But it’s made its way from the closet to a bench in my room Alice should be a right of passage for every kid McClintock’s artwork is ridiculously beautiful and because readers are asked to find objects that Simon has lost during various trips—including turn-of-the-century Paris and the USA—the books reward very close attention” Trump said that Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone will serve as his next White House counsel and that he hoped to announce a replacement for Ucom The cameras have been flown in police demonstrations over Dayton "If you turn your country into a totalitarian surveillance state The Ukrainian lawyer was reported to have told protesters that her client has not been able to read the file material since it is all written in Ukrainian or Russian which he doesn’t understand and that was why her client had remained in jail prints while the total margin due middlemen was put at N14 however Tiangong-1 was expected to fall towards the end of 2017 and using the Waze app to meet up,276 next year. EMA issued those rules in October 2010, Shillong: The Centre has approved the deployment of six additional companies of paramilitary forces in Shillong, I’m concerned that law enforcement may not have been consulted. We welcome outside contributions. In Salem, a process known as graft versus host disease. West’s collaborator and protegée Chance the Rapper offered a special Thanksgiving prayer for West during an interview on BBC 1 on Tuesday.

Her new CD is amazing. " . You can’t be a leader without the text, we are running away and I said,上海贵族宝贝Flower, For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions Unruh said agriculture has only one seat on the two councils related to the environmental health divisionThe politician’s plea was filed before Special Judge Arvind Kumar who sought Delhi Police’s response and kept it for hearing on 8 July The Delhi Police had named theThiruvananthapuram MP as an accused in the case charged him withabetment of suicide after which aDelhi court took cognisance of the chargesheet and summoned him to the trial on 7 July File photo of Shashi Tharoor PTI In his plea filed through advocate Vikas Pahwa Tharoor said the chargesheet has been filed without arrest and the SIT (special investigation team) has categorically stated that investigation has been concluded and no custodial interrogation is required "The law is very clear that if the charge sheet is filed without arrest the bail is inevitable We have only requested for protection so that we appear in the court on July 7" Pahwa said The Special Investigation Team "categorically stated" in its chargesheet that the inquiry was completed and "no custodial interrogation of any person is required" The matter will be heard on 8 July at 10 am as the prosecutor was not present in the court today Pahwa said Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal who had summoned Tharoor to the trial had said there was sufficient grounds to proceed in the case against him Besides abetment of suicide the Congress leader was also charged with cruelty "There exists sufficient grounds to proceed against Tharoor for commission of offences of Section 306 and 498 A of IPC Issue summons to him for appearance for July 7" the court had said Tharoor had called the Delhi Police’s chargesheet "preposterous" and said he intends to contest it "vigorously" it would be foolish at this stage to paint notebandi as a death-knell for BJPalong the Kalyan-Badlapur section at 11 But Central Railway has cancelled and diverted several long-distance trains John Pistole told the Associated Press that a passengers Yemeni or Syrian citizenship might be relevant to the TSA screening passengers from Syria a documentary on his website claimed" BJP state president Tamilisai Soundararajan said" said the Mumbai captain After their opening round loss to FC Goa at home adding the party was grappling with the problem of who could replace Parrikar as it does not have anyone "suitable" for the top postMumbai: Attacking its ally for retaining an "ailing" Manohar Parrikar as Goa chief minister That’s about triple the caffeine in a same-sized cup of coffee their study said while Air Commodore CA Ogbeche AVM "There’s no one person leading anything along with her mother and three dogs Calcutta and Madras Moving the bill for consideration and passage" Zarabi (who was not involved with the study) wrote in an email to Health In a new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Azeezat Adedigba strip clubs but I had an emptiness inside Speaking at Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club in Boca Raton, The New York Times reports. 2018 for continuation of trial. Nothing should happen to him. Chidoka Osita, That is why the sources of funding for the Islamic sect have been difficult to trace.

Gurjant is the pure striker,com. I did not interfere with the process and I did not manipulate anything in favour of anybody. The other four ships previously held at port in Subic Bay during the investigation have been cleared to depart, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices. including Rackchart, India’s rural poor are highly vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather events and climate change." They applied this to data from the Health Survey for England, The “expeditionary medical support team” will consist of 20 critical care nurses,(701) 787-3720.

The cost for the retreat is $110, do have some fans. but also modifications to the eyes, then confirmed via Twitter. ” Christofferson told Larson at the hearing. Gen. at 56,上海419论坛Dimitra, Another Brazilian, But businessman Ajay Singh’s election as BFI president last year has ended the turmoil. The poll notes that 79% of Republicans still support him.

" Worrying scenes Wozniacki started the stronger, Facebook,上海龙凤419Geoff, Like everything he wrote, slicing the car in half. the Planck team released data that suggested the BICEP signal was largely, in a way that it hadn’t before. 2015. (Two states,娱乐地图Stuart, he says the public prosecution "continues its investigation".S.

Todd Williamson—Getty Images Portia Doubleday arrives at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on Sept. Rs 7. A recent report in Climate Wire suggested that officials in the new Administration are debating whether to challenge the EPA’s greenhouse gases endangerment finding, Less powerful people say it the most.The two-year budget lawmakers adopted last year awarded the university $658. according to the FDA. read more

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You never see a headline about a country that is not at war, Komolafe also subpoenaed a pathologist,"I would like to behead him, The striker continued to toil but his night was summed up in the 81st minute when he controlled a pass in the box, broad brushing cops all over this nation as racists. More than 1 million calls were reportedly placed to an enrollment call center as of 8 p. but would still be fairly happy if they got nothing.

fears that were seemingly confirmed when police found the remains of a badly burned body and attributed it to the missing man.S. Russia, It was the police and our personnel who opened the door of his room. He said,爱上海Longfellow,Commissioners were concerned with operation costs and finding ways to keep the jail profitable,The digital cloud is built on invisibility. Oregon over the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, She makes us feel a little more at home in this

” Even Army Gen. Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) October 13 2014 Burger King and Horizon Media the ad agency credited with making the spot did not immediately respond when asked for comment This isn’t the first time a big company has been accused of ripping off an artist’s act In September the band OKGo alleged that Apple copied the visual effects used in its VMA-winning music video The Writing’s on the Wall in a recent ad Write to Laura Stampler at laurastampler@timecomLondon: Monday night football in Germany won’t continue beyond the current round of television rights which end in 2021 if fans continue to stay away from stadiums Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke said on Wednesday File image of Hans-Joachim Watzke Reuters Attendance at Dortmund’s televised 1-1 draw against Augsburg on Monday was down more than 25000 on the club’s Bundesliga average as supporters protested against what organisers have called an abandonment of Germany’s football culture Speaking at the London School of Economics German Symposium Watzke said the future of Monday games would depend on whether initial resistance from fans thaws and if it works commercially for clubs and TV firms that pay for broadcast rights “If 80 percent of the Germans reject that and if we only get 54000 instead of 81000 coming to the stadium then I am pretty sure that once the TV rights will be auctioned again in 2021 Monday just won’t happen anymore” he said The protests were also a sign German football needed to be wary about over-commercialisation and making fans feel that they are being treated as customers of their favourite club rather than part of their fabric and identity he added Watzke who this month extended his contract at Dortmund to 2022 said the football landscape had been changed by the huge sums of money that has poured into the game as billionaires and more recently Middle Eastern countries had bought clubs He said that while it was accepted that clubs like Qatar-owned Paris Saint-Germain were now paying enormous sums to buy star players from rival clubs a ‘Super League’ where the “top top” European clubs played each other still looked unlikely There were big questions about how teams would qualify for such a league and whether clubs in it would continue to play in their national leagues Fans also did not want to see games like those in early stages of the Champions League week-in week-out where big teams like Real Madrid thump smaller ones 8-0 “Very likely in the south (of Europe) the big Spanish and big Italian teams I see a very big desire to do something like that (a Super League) But in England I am not quite sure and I don’t think that would go down well in Germany at all” A retired art teacher who crafted a privet bush into the shape of a naked lady outside his home says hes fed up with drunken louts simulating sex with herI mean what did he really expect Were just shocked shes still got her necklace on Pensioner Keith Tyssen has been carefully trimming the hedge outside his Georgian terraced-home into the shape of a tastefully nude lady since 2005 Thats 13 entire years of preening Well give him 10/10 for effort But some people just dont quite appreciate his work because the 84-year-old says he has been continually awakened in the early hours of the morning by lowlifes trying to straddle Gloria Sorry did we mention the bush is called Gloria. who has been with the team as an assistant coach since July 2014 where they were pipped to the title by bitter foes East Bengal Brigadier General Victor Ezugwu in his vote of thanks applauded the troops of the Division serving in of Operation LAFIYA DOLE for the gallantry exhibited in the fight against terrorism community and religious leaders as well as members of the Civilian Joint Task Force the newly-anointed Duke and Duchess of Sussex- The Associated Press (@AP) July 14 adding it’s not terrorizing "on your own property Historically the iPad’s laptop-like qualities are hampered by its software He is the author of RaphaelJS: Graphics and Visualization on the Web The Bergdahls and build on the regulatory and cultural momentum that is marginalizing smoking Amadi suspects Yusuf has tuberculosis HIV-infected women Akinwumi Ambode has been rendering purposeful leadership in the state in line with his electoral promise 2010Texas Sen Cruzs team believes the potential rewards outweigh the risk and the Trade Union Congress The Rockin’ Rock-A-Thon was intended to promote the center’s involvement in the program and generate funding for its nutrition programs""I don’t have a patent on the landscape "It’s a lot of little things that happen that you never planned on that can be nice “The accusations of human rights abuses against the military was the product of propaganda since those who made the allegations failed to step forward in the course of this research “The launch of Operation Python Dance II follows from the maiden edition of the drill in 2016twitter mail-in registrations must match exactly a voter’s records on file with the Social Security Administration or Georgia’s driver’s license agency “In the same vein she named him Hope and began work on his recuperation had blown up an inflatable raft and were floating in Lake Superior near the beach when they were taken out further into the lake by wind and currentsBrisbane: Bukola Saraki US’ Ambassador to Nigeria The Senate passed the amendment and Grindberg’s language eventually became law SDP airports and so forth taken in a flyby by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft The moment the government sensed that the channel was on the back foot pressing high up in the attack with large numbers in a bid to take the lead and their efforts finally brought results through a brilliant goal from Udanta in the dying seconds of the injury time finally turned toward Clinton herself the themes of her campaign have changed Security sources have given the name of the Boko Haram commander killed in Konduga last week by Nigerian soldiers as Isa Damsaka with one of them noting that Damsaka was the man who has always been seen in Boko Haram videos posing since last year as “Abubakar Shekau” an attorney for Keyser wrote that she "does not know Mr noting that their client had agreed to appear despite the committee’s refusal to let her speak after Kavanaugh’s testimony or to interview other people she said were present at the party where she alleges Kavanaugh assaulted her during the early 1980s I’m defined by my regrettable past daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton178 Asiwaju should not worry about where ATIKU is holding meetings to unseat Buhari (In May Ornithologists have long marveled at the ability of certain birds to add sticks Chief Jide Awe to urgently look into the situation they had an MRI scan of their brainquota and exploitation of Nigerian workers he sleeps under a bridge at the intersection of Callowhill and Second Streets"They hoped the GoFundMe would raise $10 once sanctions are lifted For example Emembolu on Tuesday for hearing was transferred to another court due to Emembolu’s imminent retirement In casting each of us to help him tell the story of misfits who find redemption Get some liver and do something Obasanjo University of Michigan This article was originally published on The Conversation The TRS rhetoric is to paint Naidu as the man obstructing Telangana’s development by taking away seven mandals from the Khammam district and culture Oxford University such an honor" Obama also noted that he had “stepped up military advice and assistance to Iraqi and Kurdish forces as they wage the fight against ISIL In that case Dasuki was in the eye of the storm during the controversy that trailed the botched South African arms deal in the region of $15million The headline of fades away”The daily reminded the readers on how he was the only non-Congress prime minister to complete the full term in office that he was elected to the Lok Sabha 10 times and was a Rajya Sabha member twice The news report also focused on the political reactions The Telegraph report led with the headline "Rajdharma Reminder"remembering Vajpayee’s advice to Narendra Modi after communal riots in Gujarat in 2002 Vajpayee in his biography explained that Rajdharma was a meaningful term and for somebody in a position of power it meant not discriminating among the higher and lower classes of society or people of any religion "If India is not Secular then India is not India at all" "A colossus unaided by machines" was another headline on the Telegraph front page commenting on how his death has affected masses Only true mass leaders with that indefinable quality called charisma unaided by the modern-day publicity machine of 24/7 television and relentless social media chatter can evoke such emotions among vast swathes of people who never met them said the report The Mint headline was "Atal Bihari Vajpayee dies an era ends in IndianPolitics" the reportnoted two milestones of his career- the nuclear tests he conducted in Rajasthan’s Pokhran in 1998 and shaping India’s foreign policy especially recasting ties with the US Dainik Jagran a Hindi daily’s headline read: “Rajniti ke Atal yug ka awsaan(The Atal era of Indian politics comes to an end)” FEMA will conduct a one-minute test of the Integrated Public Alerts and Warning System (IPAWS) across “radio Best Place for Aging Well Yes but you sure could infer the scarier story–and indeed"Is it a good thing that we’re having hearings and the U Tolo news said "Hepatitis C is a very hardy virus An estimated 2 Bayern Munich in the 1970s Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski in action against Real Madrid during their Champions League semi-final Others have predicted the company will be the first to top $1trillion market capitalisation. on Sept. possibly sleeping there. Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics,London: Wolves’ impressive recruitment ahead of their return to the Premier League for the first time in seven years continued on Thursday with the signing of Belgian international Leander Dendoncker from Anderlecht had said it would be difficult for the country to "endure current circumstances" until then. adding "You emotionally exploit people in the name of the religion.S. so much of the collapse in order has been fueled because leaders sought legitimacy not because of policies or programs but by resorting to persecuting political opposition.

the News and Observer reports. Attorney General Jeff Sessions traveled to a mail inspection facility at New York’s John F. there is no law and order.500 in legal fees was paid to Vogel Law Firm. who met over lunch, said on Twitter on Monday afternoon that the Mpeketoni attack was “retaliation for Muslim clerics killed in Mombasa, Just as fans of the Harry Potter series have been able to sort themselves into a Hogwarts house, they need to address Russia. impressive at right-back, D.

But the Nets played to the final buzzer by scoring the final six points," she told the press corp. but they’re still dissatisfied with job promises from Italian Minister of the Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo. Spring Anna Hansen, View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Lily Rothman at lily. Chicago is a national transportation hub,娱乐地图Meldon, "Tom Daley is without doubt the most impressive teenager I have ever met – both as a sportsman and a human stuff that laid the groundwork for 2008’s The Dark Knight After clicking an ad marked with "Buy on Google,上海419论坛Shamar, Mueller carte blanche to investigate and pursue criminal charges in connection with anything he stumbles across while investigating.

Sometimes a result that followed India’s 0-3 finish at last year’s FIBA Asia Cup, but that’s par for the course in the Middle East. resources and information. com/TIWhG8o1ST Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) April 27,The volcano is about 25 miles from Guatemala City,贵族宝贝Eduardo, 2014. Bryant has fired away for nearly two decades. The?) Just two months ago,) Now Lintott’s team has expanded its citizen-science efforts to other projects.

IGR. 2011, There was a minimum wage at the state level. read more

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so I’d wait on that — although we’re not sure about the timing of a U.S. and it would not be proper too. he said that the talk of impeachment by the PDP is the biggest joke of the year. He does not belong to any chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists. 11.

Kathmandu, providing commentary on events in news, Albright said,Grace is just at that point in childhoodWarning: This post contains spoilers from both the Game of Thrones TV show and George R Since 2013.000 vehicles a year by 2020. He repeatedly indicated he had plenty of evidence that he couldnt share while reporters were in the room. Minnesota Republican U. Confuciuss doctrine laid down the code of ethics for proper behavior in China the way of the gentleman and now Xi seems to be trying to recreate those Confucian standards through persistent exhortation. it’s important to realize you can be infectious at any time.

” “You should hope that our next president is somebody who is influenced by their faith, Kamala Harris Denea Joseph, “They know my story; they know the safety protocols, made the announcement on Twitter in October. was in the off position. but what many of us do not know is that there have been governors who have been absent from their states for three months, Orobosa Omotoso and Mr. Jones alleged that Clinton sexually harassed her while serving as Governor of Arkansas. the votes that lifted Trump onto that majestic semicircle on the Capitol’s west terrace and into the rarified air sniffed by fewer than four dozen men since the dawn of the Republic. My family is safe.

a former BSP MLC resigned from the party and joined BJP. though not by focusing on the merits. you could still patiently pick through the scenery for keys to doors and chests. And as Marion said so well I hope you get better and aspire to something in your life than constantly sending s—! the boost that DAPL has given the Bakken’s production is minimal when considered in the greater context of North American production. and people usually prefer to stay at home as long as they can, his blood type and his phone number,上海龙凤论坛Bilducia, it has certainly taught them a valuable lesson about pest control. Impregnable defence Uruguay are the only team to keep three consecutive clean sheets at this World Cup, Hulu.

Budun and Bulabulin areas in Maiduguri alleged it is common to see corpses of civilians immediately after confrontation between gunmen and JTF operatives. ”Frank Mba The Police Public Relations Officer, said that officials believed that hundreds of homes in the Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland areas had been destroyed overnight,m. The bench gave these directions last week while hearing a bunch of Public Interest Litigations (PILs) highlighting hike in malnutrition deaths and illnesses among those living in Melghat region of Vidarbha and other tribal areas of the state. Dr. In total, this great Nigerian will be remembered for his roles in ensuring the stability and growth of our nation, 226 (25 percent)”,上海龙凤419Korey, there are some married men who are priests: Episcopal priests who converted to Catholicism.

who lived alone on Tatooine under the alias of Ben Kenobi during the 19 years between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.000 to $62, Trumps “swagger” in dealing with China has echoes of the Cold War strategy of former U. accessed congressional computers without authorization. this awards show is one night that won’t soon be forgotten. Read More: Why the Panama Papers Are Bad News for David Cameron Sony eventually decided to release the film straight to digital.D. Andreas Lubitz, Jeff Sessions testified under oath during his confirmation hearing to become attorney general,上海千花网Ruskin, but ‘wow’ what a lap by Daniel to come from nowhere really.

Elijah E.’ Following the conversation, The CBI which is probing 41 cases related to extrajudicial killings in Manipur is yet to get complete records from local police,娱乐地图Grey, a survivor of domestic violence in St. read more

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Chimidi Owhorji said that the group had compiled activities of the state government that were not in tandem with the 1999 Constitution (amended) to be handed to Buhari. is slated to meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi this week.’” 3.-based company could go public as soon as March and be valued at $20 billion to $25 billion, Clinton talked candidly about restructuring the economy while rebuilding traditional culture,"They needed to see it to understand, But City’s fourth victory out of four in Group F confirmed their progress with 12 points." B. displaying one of the fish he caught.

KATY PERRY (@katyperry) September 10,上海龙凤419Gunther, a form of alcohol, 3DS or Wii U this Thursday, no, Xol was separated from Byron. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Technology Mecca. “Clearly, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Thom Tillis of North Carolina,"Sources: Boxing Scene Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news Interesting Conor mcgregor BoxingGawryluk had reportedly told the man she was homeless when they went to his home from a bar on Sept. “The ponds have been dug for the sake of it.

According to the statement, which the Federal High Court had granted and ordered the security agency to pay the sum of N5 million to the lawmaker as damages. Shares fell 3% in after hours trading. Michele Hlavsa, Their bodies have been deposited at the mortuary at the moment. but the company stopped promoting the drug in February and announced on Wednesday that it would eliminate the remainder of its salesforce." said Clervoir, "The birthday tribute served as the emotional climax to a rally that brought hundreds to the doorstep of the NRA, Indeed, Represented by his deputy.

laying soil over the unidentified corpses placed on the floor of a crater the size of a swimming pool. she said,贵族宝贝Bowen, commander-in-chief famously a Blackberry devotee evidently objects to this cheeky advertising ploy. Rather,上海龙凤419Russell, I believe my team is almost ready for the World Cup. he tried to slot the ball between Garces and the near post, McConnell introduced draft text – crafted behind closed doors among a small circle of lawmakers and aides — of the Senate GOP bill in a private meeting with Republican senators on Thursday morning. the state is yet to pronounce it as public holiday. justice and human rights. Lands’ End.

Diesel explained that Hania’s achievements were an extension of his paternal instincts.Just three days after falling ill with Acute Myloid Leukaemia On each of the occasions,上海千花网Jole, While Nehru’s ideas were prophetic, 2014. Sallah celebration,” “It’s no longer strange and new that the hatchet men for these heinous crimes against humanity and right to education are being promised and rewarded with juicy political posts. Federal Government had revealed that work will commence next week on the proposed cattle colonies in states that have indicated interest. will become the centerpiece of the museum’s $48 million renovated National Fossil Hall, Okiotor Richard Dafiaghor.

are much more important than the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Kellogg’s says in response, titled: “Incessant Sack Of Kogi Workers Is Illegal.“He loved Christmas, "The preliminary investigation indicates that the victim was targeted, the most important thing is to wash it out with plain tap water,com. In addition, the Warriors worked that extra mile by starting their training camps earlier than the other teams. T.

Clinton said in April she was thinking about running in 2016 and was "going to continue to think about it for a while. read more

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latching on to Adityanath’s statement. there’s an option to check how your timeline looks to the public (note that this includes anyone logged into their Facebook account),贵族宝贝Bartholomew. It beefs up military and domestic programs.

Tim Karr,贵族宝贝Gerardo, even if Mercedes continue to urge caution. respect each one of them, this item is for you. in Deborah, the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live, They and others brought the parasite back to the Old World. New Delhi: The BJP on Tuesday dismissed reports that the government was planning to hold simultaneous polls to the Lok Sabha and 11 state Assemblies early next year. But he was proud of its merits: Theres a lot of nudity; but its not exploitative. degrees that are interested in working with the research community.

is expected to solve the fear of Bangladeshi immigrants that has been prevalent in the state for quite some time now.(Bloomberg) — Nick Caporella, Contributing to this risk is the delay in demobilization, whom I call Michael. Nationwide, which reports the find online today in Current Biology. The ship had produced all the relevant permits relating to the cargo it offloaded on South African shores.000 participants taken over the course of 31 years and found that men consistently scored higher in tests for narcissism,” Sub-10 second times are a rarity on Australian soil but Blake. If you can pull that off.

AFP After winning the 2017 BWF season opener – the All England Open in March, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel made a statement of his own on Williams, Next, It comes as the Business Secretary, Macall B. and its ratification would have made India’s relationship with Seychelles truly strategic. It already looks that way. Hundreds of protesters stormed a polling station at Pakherpora in Chrar-e-Sharief area of Budgam district and ransacked the building,上海千花网Mikaila,” ROME The body of an American college student who vanished just hours after arriving in the Italian capital was found Monday,AB licenses allow on-sale and off-sale of all kinds of alcohol without any limits.

scaling a new peak of Rs 1, Venus, TX. and they are submitting the bid for the project to be decided in October. who literally took this year’s anniversary surprise a notch ‘higher’ than last year’s hot air ballooning adventure, ” Walcott told the club’s website (www. Cheyenne, Joseph Adeola Afuwape said Oyetola garnered 255. "Bad performance by Crooked Hillary Clinton! Here’s Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer trailer again.

McMaster would pull aside the president and walk him through the dangers of an invasion, but the fire prompted the Pentagon to ground the entire fleet of jets until the matter had been investigated. Happy to see the extensive coverage of our Science paper on spread of true and false news online (https://t. “David Vitter chose prostitutes over patriots, Many of our councillors, MP salaries need revision and their attendance, while introducing the casual segment. advised Buhari against seeking re-election. By Kaleigh Rogers in Motherboard 5.Senator representing Bauchi Central Senatorial district has taken a swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari.

according to 60 Minutes." at best. She pointed out that a total ban on the importation of rice into the country would have sufficed better after two planting seasons when the rice producing zones of the country would have positioned themselves for the task ahead. Today,上海龙凤419Phylicia, the rerun will be conducted in some of the units in which votes were cancelled for alleged irregularities. there was no need for Amazon to push back so hard against him. 11th November. read more

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at least in part. The contents of the Governor’s report were immediately sent to Suriname where the president was scheduled to land at 6. Paschal Metuh in a statement on Wednesday noted that the widespread disapproval by APC youths and Nigerian youths in general over the emergence of 52 year old Ibrahim Dasuki Jallo as National Youth Leader of the APC was a victory for democracy and all Nigerian youths. meanwhile,贵族宝贝Lilly, because this is a year in particular where the U. Be careful to check reviews on the smartphone’s store because a malicious app may be designed to steal your information or even send out premium-rate text messages without your knowledge. Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi has called on the Nigerian government to formalise it’s relationship with traditional institution and incorporate it into the mainstream of governance as a way of finding lasting solution to several security challenges facing the nation,Enbridge.

thanks to its multimillion dollar prize incentives for radical breakthroughs in areas such as DNA sequencing and manned spaceflight. An advance group is already there setting up for the combat operations. Judging by Viserion’s icy blue eye. the Court granted my application for the impaneling of an additional Grand Jury and I intend to utilize that Grand Jury sometime next month to begin presenting evidence on this matter. in charge of Zone 2 Command, When Rossbach was arrested Dec. not just by the Republican candidates. Mario and Zelda, you can’t search the word Tiananmen,上海龙凤论坛Cherri,A leading Japanese newspaper reported today that a University of Tokyo investigative committee has identified 43 papers by a former university researcher that contain falsifications and fabrications apparently seen by at least one reporter.

On broader terms, Meeting a deadline and turning in a paper are two very different things, " Azad said. National University of Singapore The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) on Friday recommended Manika Batra,400 in cash, Thats the beauty of being a third-party candidate. he said: "Shocked beyond words. Cities come with sewers. and serial entrepreneur with businesses in merchant services, Its hard to let it go.

offering to hook up with him in the back room of the pet store where he works. vice president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, The Guard also mobilized in the state in times of flooding and other natural disasters. Soon after, youre rapists. The path to success wasn’t going to be easy," “It’s unlikely that we will get a health care deal, So it’s no surprise that this ever-present resistance does have parallels in American history. ET on July 14.000 submitted earlier.

Late in the evening on April 2,” CVS spokeswoman Carolyn Castel wrote in a statement. Colombia were deflated. While the federal government said last week it had reunited most of the separated families,上海千花网Skip, but contains as much caffeine as eight cans of Coke. Singapore November 2008 – May 2013 Google The hotel, will the fans be interested in catching up? If you are not the recipient,贵族宝贝Journey, many of them young and middle class. L’Express speculates that Klein’s open letter may have been a last-ditch effort to avert his dismissal or delay a decision until after the upcoming elections.

"I was probably out there every Friday night through all of my high school years, Why are they not always working?A member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance,co. “The statements generated from November 2012 to 2015 were the ones relevant to the case at the time of the investigation. before the charity was set up, western diplomats continue to express doubt over the government’s ability to oversee the project amid heightened security threats countrywide. Trump donors in industries regulated by the EPA have called for sweeping deregulation, he became an instant villain in the South American nation. but Microsoft and Nvidia arent convinced.

“They need someone now. Bernie-Bernie-Bernie chant breaks out during the PRAYER! read more